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Anatomy of a Strategy
Anatomy of a Strategy
Truly Inc

Welcome to Anatomy of a Strategy! Recorded in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, hosted by Tara Hunt, a 20-year digital marketing veteran and CEO... more

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The Anatomy of Community-Building with Shervonne Cherry

Shervonne is the Director of Community & Partnerships at Spark Baltimore. In this episode, she gives incredible insight into how... more

26 Sep 2020 · 53 minutes
The Anatomy of Empathy With Nate Nichols

This week, Tara and Stef speak to Nate Nichols. Nate is the founder of Palette Group, a commercial creative agency... more

13 Sep 2020 · 41 minutes
The Anatomy of Representation with Danica Nelson

This week on the podcast, Tara and Stef sit down with Danica S. Nelson, Senior Product Marketing Communications Manager and... more

06 Sep 2020 · 49 minutes
Anatomy of Breaking White Fragility with Ian Forrester

Tara has known Ian for well over a decade and she's never had a conversation on race with him. This... more

23 Aug 2020 · 33 minutes
Anatomy of Code-Switching with Cher Jones

"How can we say that politics shouldn't be a conversation on a business platform when it is the politics, the... more

09 Aug 2020 · 53 minutes
Anatomy of White Supremacy in Marketing

For the past few months, we've opted to put a pause on AoaS to create space for other conversations. We... more

26 Jul 2020 · 13 minutes
The Anatomy of Reinventing Retail

All the way back in February, Stefani and Tara sat down to speak with Joe Jackman, founder of Jackman Reinvents... more

05 Jul 2020 · 39 minutes
Anatomy of Saving the Planet - Changing behaviours before a crisis

This episode was recorded pre-COVID-19 crisis, but Tara and Stef found a few parallels between the outbreak and the climate... more

22 Mar 2020 · 32 minutes
Welcome to the Anatomy of a Strategy Podcast

Anatomy of a Strategy is a marketing podcast that explores the hidden psychology and behaviors that drive marketing strategies. We... more

21 Mar 2020 · 5 minutes
Anatomy of a Switcheroo

Introducing our new co-host on the podcast, Stefani Forster! Find out what’s happening! Where’s Carlos gone? What’s going down? Stefani is... more

01 Mar 2020 · 42 minutes
Anatomy of a Strategy
The Anatomy of Community-Building with Shervonne Cherry
Anatomy of a Strategy