You're Wrong About

You're Wrong About

Michael Hobbes & Sarah Marshall
Apr 02, 2020 --

The Exploding Ford Pinto

Mike tells Sarah about a dying industry, a dangerous car and the Pulitzer Prize-winning article that misrepresented them both. Digressions include “Mission Impossible,” “Friday the 13th” and the naming conventions of academic articles. This episode contains a larger-than-usual number of dad jokes and a shocking revelation about Johnny Carson. Support us: Continue reading →
Mar 26, 2020 --

Quarantine Book Club: “Michelle Remembers” (Week 1)

Sarah describes the spark that ignited the Satanic Panic. Our setting is a therapist’s office in 1976 Victoria, B.C., and our digressions include Sybil, scary paperbacks from the 80s and shouting "Fire!" on a crowded theater. This episode describes child abuse. Continue reading →
Mar 23, 2020 --

D.C. Snipers Part 4

In the final chapter of our series on the D.C. sniper attacks, Mike finally tells Sarah about the D.C. sniper attacks. Digressions include “The Abyss,” Ed Rooney and Jack the Ripper. We begin the episode with an update on our quarantine plans. Sarah misremembers the name of the TV show she was on. Continue reading →
Mar 09, 2020 --

The O.J. Simpson Trial: Marcia Clark Part 2

Sarah tells Mike about a week in the life of Marcia Clark, who became America’s most famous prosecutor on June 13, 1994. Digressions include car phones, college group work and “Titanic” (as usual). In keeping with the theme of this episode, Sarah had a bad feeling about recording without her mic screen, but Mike said it would be fine. Please excuse our p-pops. This episode contains descriptions of murder and sexual violence. Support us: Continue reading →
Feb 24, 2020 --

D.C. Snipers Part 3

Mike tells Sarah about the indoctrination of Lee Boyd Malvo and the beginning of the sniper attacks. Digressions include Jonestown, Greek tragedy and something called “creepy crawling.” The episode begins with a lengthy meta-discussion of true-crime tropes and whether we are playing into them. The final section includes a detailed description of a suicide attempt. Continue reading →
Feb 14, 2020 --

Valentine’s Day Re-Release: Anna Nicole Smith

Valentine’s Day re-release! Sarah and Mike reflect on one of the only love stories they’ve ever covered on the show. Continue reading →
Feb 10, 2020 --

Why Didn’t Anyone Go to Prison for the Financial Crisis?

“Every big fish you catch, you end up with a hole in the net.” Mike tells Sarah how America’s white-collar crime spree got so bad. Digressions include self-checkout kiosks, Barbie dolls and moonshine. Homeless shelters and teacher pay feature prominently. By the standards of this podcast, this episode is relatively upbeat. Continue reading →
Feb 03, 2020 --

D.C. Snipers Part 2

Mike tells Sarah how a nice Jamaican kid became the disciple of a mean American adult. Digressions include Tonya Harding (of course), “Sliding Doors” (again) and Anne of Green Gables (Sarah has an English degree). Mildred re-appears just after the hour mark. We are unable to conceive of a content warning comprehensive enough for all the horrors contained in this episode. There is less crying in this episode than the last in this series, but only slightly. Continue reading →
Jan 20, 2020 --

The O.J. Simpson Trial: Kato Kaelin Part 2

Sarah tells Mike the ending to the story of the mimbo and the alibi. Digressions include O. Henry, Nigerian e-mail scams and Dave Coulier. Mike wildly over-simplifies the Brexit vote. Continue reading →
Jan 06, 2020 --

D.C. Snipers Part 1

“If you’re black, you can’t get work as a serial killer even if you’re manifestly qualified.” Mike tells Sarah how a military veteran became an abuser, a murderer and, eventually, a footnote in his own crime spree. Digressions include Jim Jones, the Addams Family and “The Gillooly Gang.” The episode gets super dark about two-thirds in, but brightens just before the big twist. We describe—again, unfortunately—domestic abuse in great detail. Continue reading →
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