Design Thinking 101

Design Thinking 101

Dawan Stanford
Oct 13, 2020 43 min

Rethinking Service Design + Student Projects + Community Systems with Amy O'Keefe — DT101 E56

Amy O'Keefe is the Studio Director of Northwestern university’s Master of Science and Engineering Design Innovation program, where she leads the human-centered service design studio. We talk about how the pandemic and the expanding awareness of systemic racism might change services, design, project partnerships, service design studio courses, and communities of practice in design education. Show Host: Dawan Stanford Show Summary Amy was always interested in experience design, but in the
Sep 29, 2020 31 min

Design Research + Tools for Thinking + Using Research Well with Terri Herbert — DT101 E55

Terri Herbert is a design researcher and experienced research manager at Asana. She's fascinated by the complexity of the world of work and interested in researching and modeling complex systems involving people and technology. We talk about doing good design research, ways to ensure design research outputs are used effectively, and how a design researcher supports a team throughout the design process. Show Host: Dawan Stanford
Sep 15, 2020 37 min

Designing for Behavior Change + Ethics + Tools with Stephen Wendel — DT101 E54

Steve Wendel is the author of Designing for Behavior Change, Founder of the Action Design Network, and head of Behavioral Science at Morningstar. We talk about behavioral problem solving, his new book, ethics and behavior design, and his toolkit for anyone who wants to apply behavioral science now. Show Host: Dawan Stanford Show Summary Stephen began working with behavioral science during his years at HelloWallet. He was seeking to create products that were more attuned to the mindset of, and challenges
Sep 01, 2020 34 min

Purpose-Driven Design + Problem Finding + Behavioral Design with Amy Heymans — DT101 E53

Amy Heymans is Mad Pow’s Chief Experience Officer and one its foundersof. We talk about how the practice of design is evolving, the emerging role of behavior design, purpose-driven design, and making sure the problems designers are asked to solve connect to business outcomes. Show Host: Dawan Stanford Show Summary A love of art led Amy into a career as a designer. She started in web design during the dot-com bubble where she became passionate about user research, usability, and user experience. After th
Aug 18, 2020 37 min

Designing for Healthcare vs Sick Care + The Emergency Design Collective — DT101 E52

Nick Dawson is the co-organizer of the Emergency Design Collective. In today’s episode, we talk about healthcare innovation labs, how to think about opportunities in healthcare, healthcare versus sick care, and launching the EDC to support the COVID-19 response. Show Host: Dawan Stanford Show Summary Nick Dawson grew up with a father who worked in healthcare and hospitals. As he entered college, he was convinced that he absolutely didn’t want to work in the same field. But the
Aug 04, 2020 48 min

Weaving Design Thinking into Teams, Leaders and Organizations with Holly O'Driscoll — DT101 E51

Today’s guest is Holly O'Driscoll, the founder and CEO of Ampersand Innovation, a boutique consultancy focusing on bringing more human-centered design, innovation, strategy, and leadership development to the world. During the conversation, you'll learn about intersections between innovation and leadership, designing and facilitating innovation teams, and insights into shaping organizational innovation. Host: Dawan Stanford. Show Summary Holly believes her journey into design began when she wa
Jul 21, 2020 54 min

Design for Good + Gut Checks + Seeing Power with George Aye — DT101 E50

Today’s guest is George Aye, the co-founder of Greater Good Studio and an Adjunct Full Professor at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. We talk about creating a design studio driven by social impact, how to make facing the hard, ethical questions part of how a team functions, and what it means to design and lead with a deep awareness of power and its absence. Dawan Stanford, is your podcast host. Show Summary George’s path to design began in England, where he studied mechanical engineering at
Jul 07, 2020 58 min

Designing Your Team + Teams in Design Education + Coaching Design Teams with Mary Sherwin and David Sherwin — DT101 E49

David and Mary Sherwin work with design teams in for-profit and nonprofit organizations via their consulting business, Ask The Sherwins, LLC. They’re also professors at the Pacific College of Art in the Design and Collaboration Program. In this episode, we go deep into designing teams, consider more effective ways to teach design and teams, and ways to make teams work when working remotely with Dawan Stanford, your podcast host. Show Summary David's background is in engineering and liberal arts. He grad
Jun 23, 2020 57 min

Understanding Customers: Research, Insights, and Storytelling with Steve Portigal — DT101 E48

Steve Portigal is the Principal of Portigal Consulting and an experienced user researcher who helps companies harness the strategic power of insights. He is the author of Interviewing Users: How to Uncover Compelling Insights. He also wrote Doorbells, Danger, and Dead Batteries: User Research War Stories. We talk about interviewing people, customer research, and storytelling with Dawan Stanford, your podcast host. Show Summary Steve started out in Human Computer Interaction (HCI), in the days before the W
Jun 09, 2020 46 min

Learning Service Design on the Job + Leading a Design Team + Service Design Standards with Tracey Williams — DT101 E47

Tracey Williams, a Service Design Director for Absa Bank in South Africa, discusses learning service design on the job, growing design skills on her team, and building organizational service design standards with Dawan Stanford, your podcast host. Show Summary Tracey’s career didn’t begin in design; she started in financial services, and went through a graduate program focused on business targets and goals. She’d always had an interest in problem-solving, and while working at Absa, she got involved
Design Thinking 101
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