Unnecessary Roughness

Unnecessary Roughness

Barstool Sports
Sep 17, 2020 1 hr 28 min

Welcome Back, Big Ten!

On today's episode, we discuss: -The Big Ten's comeback! -Bad "journalism" -The week 3 slate -The time Brandon worked at the air port! -Possibly going to Texas A&M - Mississippi State? -Being nice to each other? 0:00: Intro 4:45: Welcome BACK, Big Ten! 18:15: News and notes from around the CFB world. 48:45: Week 3 preview 1:08:30: The Roughnecks welcome back the Big Ten!
Sep 14, 2020 1 hr 41 min

Week 2 Recap: Thanks For Coming Out, Big 12

On today's episode we: -Recap week 2 -Honor the Big 12's shitty weekend -Pick our winners and losers -Reintroduce the SHIT LIST -Look ahead to week 3 -Is the Big 10 back? -Read the hottest takes from the Roughnecks 0:00: Intro 6:30: Is the Big Ten back? 15:02: Recapping this weekend's games 22:02: WInners of week 2 37:00: Losers of week 2 1:11:26: THE SHIT LIST 1:20:30: Hot takes from the Roughnecks!
Sep 10, 2020 1 hr 32 min

Drafting "Our Guys" For The 2020 CFB Season

On today's podcast, we discuss: -Moana -Welcome the ACC & Big 12 back! -Last week's opening slate of games -The first CFB show -What games we are most excited for this weekend -Which top top team will disappoint in 2020? -Which team will come out of nowhere in 2020? 0:00: Intro 6:00: Welcome back ACC & Big 12!!! 20:00 News & notes 23:21: A rant from Brandon Walker 43:40: Previewing this weeks games! 53:00: Drafting "our guys" for the upcoming season. 1:16:30: Roughnecks responses on our question of the week!
Sep 03, 2020 1 hr 38 min

We FINALLY Get To Preview The Season

On today's podcast, we: -Breakdown each conference's best team, most overvalued team, most undervalued team, and worst team. -Discuss what the hell is going on with the Big Ten. -Will LSU be able to field a team this year? -Jack Mac...FIRED? -Preview the week 1 schedule -Our plan for the season. -The CFB show is BACK! 10:02: News from around the nation 20:59: Best team, worst team, overvalued, and undervalued teams from each conference 1:23:00: Roughnecks HONEST expectations for this season.
Aug 27, 2020 1 hr 5 min

So.....What If The Season Doesn't Happen?

On today's episode: -We pause for a moment to recognize what's going on in sports. -Discuss the AP Poll -No tailgating, but sailgating is allowed? -Why we think BYU is always going to be good. -The 1st week of the CFB season. -Austin Peay. -Central Arkansas wants all the smoke. -Ponder what we will do if the season doesn't happen. Emphasis on IF. 0:00: Intro and a message from Brandon Walker & Kayce Smith 3:45: COLLEGE FOOTBALL! 15:40: The opening weekend of college football 29:45: The absurdity of the AP Poll. 54:30: What the Roughnecks will do if there isn't a season this fall.
Aug 20, 2020 1 hr 9 min

Saving The 2020 College Football Season For ALL Fans

On today's episode, we discuss: -The rumors swirling around the B1G -The SEC schedule -A fight between the kids. -Kayce's plan to save CFB for every fan, regardless if their team is playing -Draft our teams from every conference -Week 1 lines for the SEC -Preparing for a season as if it's 100% going to happen 0:00: Intro 3:30: How we are feeling about the 2020 season 13:26: News from around the CFB world 27:20: FIGHT!! 37:00: Kayce's plan to save the college football season for ALL fans. 50:28: What Roughnecks will miss the most about their gameday experiences this fall.
Aug 13, 2020 1 hr 8 min

Was That The Craziest CFB Week....Ever? (Ft. "Coach O")

On today's podcast we discuss: -Joey Mulinaro joins us! -The crazy week that was in the college football world! -Spring football? Could it work? -"Coach O" stops by to read Kayce's DMs. -Brandon blacks out multiple times. -What is the solution to the mess that CFB is in right now? -Politics in CFB. -A funeral to the Big Ten and Pac-12 -Has the Pac-12 slander gone too far? -Consoling Brandon after his long day at work. 0:00: Intro 4:45: The state of College Football..... 23:50: A funeral for the Pac-12 and Big Ten 38:30: Seeing what the Roughnecks will miss most about the Big 10 and PAC 12. 1:01:00: Coach O reads Kayce Smith's DMs
Aug 06, 2020 1 hr 19 min

The College Football World Is BUZZING

On today's episode we discuss: -Our first fight. -Jack Mac....being phased out? -UConn cancelling their season, does it matter? -The Pac-12 players #WeAreUnited movement. -How many players will opt out of the 2020 season? -The new schedules across the nation. -Harvey Updyke....insane or not? 0:00: Intro 2:30: Our first fight? 17:15: News from across the nation. 1:00:50: Questions from Kayce's DMs.
Jul 30, 2020 1 hr 22 min

The Most Interesting Teams For The 2020 Season

On today's episode, we discuss: -The ACC's schedule announcement -Kayce getting cancelled? -Brandon Walker's most interesting teams for the 2020 season -Brandon gets in his CFB journalist rant of the week -Bubbles! -Editorializing tweets? 0:00: Intro with a side of breaking news from the ACC! 11:10: News from around the college football world. 22:00: The most interesting teams in each conference for the 2020 season 51:17: Bubble talk! 1:06:00: Is Kayce getting cancelled on the Texas A&M message boards?!?
Jul 23, 2020 1 hr 13 min

We May Have Heard The Biggest Rumor About The 2020 College Football Season

On today's episode: -Kayce reports a massive rumor about the 2020 season -Brandon maniacally laughs about one certain football program -Brandon reads Kayce's DMs -We dive into the roughnecks replies on the biggest bitch in CFB history -Favoring teams in certain states based upon where your school ranks in your state. -Minnesota's embarrassing 2019 rings 0:00: Intro, should Brandon Walker be a Michigan State fan? 11:48: Kayce shares with us a serious rumor about the 2020 season 15:51: News and notes from around the college football world. 36:40: The roughnecks thoughts on the biggest bitch in college football. 55:43: Brandon reads Kayce's DMs