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Business Benchmark Group Podcast
Business Benchmark Group Podcast
Business Benchmark Group

The Business Benchmark Group Podcast, hosted by Stefan Kazakis, gives business owners insight and advice delivered by some of the best business... more

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Andrew Phillips - Co-Founder of Camp Australia

It gives me great pleasure to welcome Andrew Phillips to this week’s Great Australian stories in the Making. Andrew was... more

13 Mar 2021 · 1 hour, 13 minutes
James Hatzolos - Director at RT Edgar

James Hatzolos - Director at RT Edgar by Business Benchmark Group

03 Jan 2021 · 46 minutes
Frank Ponissi - General Manager - Football at the Melbourne Storm

During one of the strangest and toughest years of our lives, we invited Frank Ponissi, the General Manager – Football... more

21 Dec 2020 · 54 minutes
Stefan chats with Judd Murray, founder of Cognercise Foundation

Our guest in this episode of "Great Australian Stories in the Making" will be sharing all he knows about mind,... more

04 Dec 2020 · 44 minutes
Anthony Phillips - Co-Founder of Camp Australia

Meet Anthony Phillips, our latest feature in our Great Australian Stories series. Anthony co-founded Camp Australia with his brother Andrew in... more

21 Nov 2020 · 57 minutes
Ed Mallett from Employsure [Great Australian Stories In The Making]

We're excited to speak with Ed Mallett – the founder and managing director of Employsure. A former specialist employment... more

23 Oct 2020 · 1 hour, 4 minutes
Nick Farr: From Solving Crimes to Scaling Mountains and Building Businesses

From Victorian Police Detective to scaling Mt Everest multiple times and starting several businesses we find out what makes Nick... more

24 Sep 2020 · 54 minutes
Meet Verity Hare, Founder of TradieWives

We had the pleasure of interviewing Verity Hare for our podcast. Verity is the founder of TradieWives, a facebook group... more

10 Sep 2020 · 34 minutes
Getting Back to Business(with Employsure)

Meeting your obligations as an employer and keeping your business healthy and hygienic can be tricky. We have teamed up with... more

28 Aug 2020 · 1 hour, 10 minutes
Leading your business through COVID

Stefan Kazakis and Nikki Sadler discuss how to remain positive and resilient as the world throws everything at us! Learn our... more

31 Jul 2020 · 30 minutes
Cyber Security: What You Need to Know To Save Your Business - with Patrick Kissane

This is a podcast you can't afford to miss. Stefan chats with Patrick Kissane, owner of BurgerIT, who gives an... more

26 Jun 2020 · 1 hour, 3 minutes
Your Secret Weapon For Business Success

In this week's podcast, we were joined by four brilliant business owners who discuss how having a reliable cashflow forecast... more

05 Jun 2020 · 1 hour, 9 minutes
Make It Happen! A Conversation with Graham Cock

This week we interviewed a man so full of life, so full of dreams and so full of ambition, even... more

22 May 2020 · 57 minutes
Managing employees during the Coronavirus crisis: What you need to know

Stefan Kazakis hosts this Q&A with experts from Employsure is the largest provider of workplace relations services in Australia Gwen Espie... more

09 Apr 2020 · 1 hour, 13 minutes
Coronavirus: Fear of the unknown and what you can control

With all the media attention and fear circulating the Coronavirus, small businesses are feeling the effects of the virus in... more

11 Mar 2020 · 12 minutes
How To Create A Killer Elevator Pitch

Having an elevator pitch prepared and ready to go can be one of your biggest weapons in Business! This week, Stefan... more

14 Feb 2020 · 10 minutes
How To Get More Referrals

Getting referrals is the best marketing strategy you can have. So to kick start referral month, Stefan runs through the... more

01 Feb 2020 · 15 minutes
Managing Rapid Growth - Lessons From Laurie Reeves, Managing Director at ControlWorks

Laurie Reeves is the Managing Director of ControlWorks – an automation company that specialises in providing safe, energy efficient environments... more

10 Jan 2020 · 23 minutes
Exceeding Customer Expectations Can MAKE or BREAK Your Business

There’s no point exceeding your customer’s expectations if it’s sending you broke. Before you think about more things you can do... more

27 Dec 2019 · 24 minutes
Ep 70: Interview With Marcus Theodor of C2Films

Marcus Theodor is the owner of C2Films (c2films.com.au) - Australia’s highest rated, most reviewed wedding event videographer. C2Films has built their... more

13 Dec 2019 · 37 minutes
Interview With Jacqui Harvey from Yarra Valley Gourmet Foods

Jacqui from Yarra Valley Gourmet Foods shares her story in business, and discusses the tenacity and determination required to be... more

22 Nov 2019 · 39 minutes
68: Improving Your Conversion Rate

Improved conversion rates are the key goal for any business owner or marketer. Marketing costs money, so the higher your... more

01 Nov 2019 · 10 minutes
67: Developing Customer Loyalty

We all know that keeping your existing clients is easier and cheaper than finding new ones. Every business owner’s goal... more

05 Oct 2019 · 14 minutes
Ep 66: The 6 Keys To A Winning Team

No matter what business you are in: you will never build a great business all on your own. The... more

13 Sep 2019 · 14 minutes
Ep 65: Interview with Chris Sacco, Director at KLC Recruitment

Stefan chats with Chris Sacco, Director at KLC Recruitment (https://www.klcrecruitment.com.au) Chris shares the story of launching KLC Recruitment in 2009, and... more

23 Aug 2019 · 24 minutes
Podcast 64 - Patrick La Manna - CEO of LaManna Supermarket

Patrick LaManna - CEO of LaManna Supermarket LaManna Supermarket is an independent grocer that is taking on the supermarket big boys.... more

09 Aug 2019 · 49 minutes
Podcast 63: Chris West - Managing Director of Fleet Plant Hire

We chat with Chris West, the Managing Director of Fleet Plant Hire in Melbourne. Fleet Plant Hire is an industry... more

18 Jul 2019 · 40 minutes
Episode 62: Building Resilience with David Buttifant

David Buttifant is a world leader in sports science. In roles such as High Performance Manager at Carlton Football Club,... more

05 Jul 2019 · 42 minutes
Episode 61: Matt Spiteri - Owner of ESC Electrical

Our interview with Matt Spiteri, the owner of ESC Electrical. Matt shares his story of incredible growth of his... more

18 Jun 2019 · 33 minutes
Episode 60: Your Hourly Rate Identity

As a business owner, you need to understand the difference between horizontal and vertical time, and ensure that the work... more

14 Jun 2019 · 42 minutes
Episode 59: How To Get More Recommendations

Many business owners say they win a lot of their clients through word-of-mouth However, we find that many of... more

05 Jun 2019 · 27 minutes
Episode 58: Small Businesses Are The Backbone Of The Economy

The backbone of the economy is small business - but their contribution is anything but small! There are an... more

28 May 2019 · 44 minutes
Episode 57: Keeping An Eye On Employees

How do you keep an eye on your employees? What's an acceptable level of surveillance? In this episode, recorded from... more

23 May 2019 · 49 minutes
Episode 56: The enemy of thinking big is you

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can't - you're right.” - Henry Ford In this short episode, Stefan explores... more

15 May 2019 · 13 minutes
Episode 55: How To Set Your Prices - Advice for Business Owners

Many business owners struggle with knowing what to charge for their products and services. When we first start out in... more

07 May 2019 · 45 minutes
Episode 54: How to lead your business through an uncertain economic cycle

The current economic environment is causing some business owners to become concerned and unsure about what the future will bring... more

30 Apr 2019 · 26 minutes
Episode 53: Interview with Robert Krastich, owner of Sharper Facility Services

We interview Robert Krastich, owner of Sharper Facility Services (sharper.com.au) which offers high-end commercial cleaning in Melbourne. The business was established... more

23 Apr 2019 · 36 minutes
Episode 52: The Triple A Approach To Growing Your Business

The uncertain economic environment we're in can be a source of concern for business owners. However - it doesn't need... more

16 Apr 2019 · 19 minutes
Episode 51: Talking Business Health Checks on ABC Radio's Nightlife with Tony Delroy

Stefan Kazakis joins ABC Nightlife's Tony Delroy to discuss why it's important for business owners to periodically take a good,... more

09 Apr 2019 · 49 minutes
Episode 50: Building a Referral-Based Business (on ABC Radio's Nightlife with Tony Delroy)

Anyone who has ever run a small business can tell stories about the immeasurable value of word-of-mouth referrals by happy... more

02 Apr 2019 · 48 minutes
Episode 49: Leadership, Crisis Management and Having A Growth Mindset

We often think about crisis as a negative – but it can also often be considered a positive. In this... more

26 Mar 2019 · 18 minutes
Episode 48: High Performance Teams: Hiring The Right People

You spend 50%-60% of your life at work, so as business owners have the responsibility to fill it with the... more

18 Mar 2019 · 14 minutes
Episode 47: Building A Competitive Advantage Through Innovation

When it comes to building your competitive advantage, it all comes back to the concept of "Hero or Guide". This... more

13 Mar 2019 · 19 minutes
Episode 46: The 6 Pillars To Going Global

In this episode, Stefan examines the 6 Pillars of Business that you need to focus on if you want to... more

05 Mar 2019 · 16 minutes
Episode 45: Chris Galea, CEO of Polyshine

Chris Galea's story as a business owner is an incredibly interesting and eventful ride. He purchased Polyshine - suppliers of... more

27 Feb 2019 · 35 minutes
REUPLOAD #44: Now Is The Time To Think Global

In this brain stretch episode, Stefan asks you to think global and think about how your business can serve more... more

20 Feb 2019 · 25 minutes
Episode 43: Planning For Growth - Recorded at Your Profit Blueprint (Feb 2019)

This episode of our podcast was recorded at our Your Profit Blueprint event in February 2019. Stefan explores the market... more

07 Feb 2019 · 27 minutes
Episode 42: Stamina - The Hidden Ingredient of Success

How do you outplay and outlast in the game of business? How do you outlast your head trash - your... more

30 Jan 2019 · 33 minutes
Episode 41: Interview with Rob and Rose Seymour - Owners of Pure Protect

Rob and Rose Seymour are the owners of a unique business - PureProtect. They are specialists in Mould, Damp, Water Damage... more

22 Jan 2019 · 39 minutes
How To Build A High Performance Team - Marc Montagner

Marc Montager is the Sales Manager at Alloys - "The Non-Traditional Distributor". With almost 30 years experience in the... more

14 Jan 2019 · 49 minutes
Episode 39: How to Position Your Business

This is a "brain stretch" episode in order to get you thinking about how your business is positioned, and how... more

07 Jan 2019 · 19 minutes
Episode 38: Stefan's Speech To Graduating High School Students

A recording of Stefan's speech to the graduating class at East Doncaster Secondary College. As an alumni of that same... more

01 Jan 2019 · 13 minutes
Episode 37: The Importance Of Identifying Your Ideal Customer

Identifying and serving your ideal target market is vital to the long term success of your business. You need to... more

25 Dec 2018 · 19 minutes
Episode 36: How To Build An A Grade Team

What does it take to build an A-Grade team? Stefan explores what leaders need to do to grow high performance... more

18 Dec 2018 · 19 minutes
Episode 35: Interview with Damien De Vincentis - owner of beOnd Plumbing

Our interview with Damian De Vincentis, owner of be0nd plumbing. be0nd plumbing (www.beondplumbing.com.au) is one of Victoria’s leading emergency response... more

13 Dec 2018 · 38 minutes
Episode 34: Are you a Dream Maker Or Dream Taker?

In business, and in your personal life, you make a choice: Are you a dream maker, or a dream taker? In... more

04 Dec 2018 · 23 minutes
Episode 33: Matthew Adams, owner of Motosign

Matthew Adams founded Motosign (https://motosign.com.au) in 2004 and has grown a business that is passionate about everything to do with... more

27 Nov 2018 · 33 minutes
Episode 32: Hairhouse Warehouse Co-Founder Joseph Lattouf

Joseph Lattouf, Co-Founder of Hairhouse Warehouse with his brother Tony, shares the incredible story of his life in business. From... more

20 Nov 2018 · 47 minutes
Episode 31: Story Telling And Bridge Building - Think Tank

A "Think Tank" session by Stefan in which he explores how important it is to be able to tell the... more

13 Nov 2018 · 25 minutes
Episode 30: Stefan's Discussion with Young Achievers

Stefan was fortunate to impart some wisdom to the nominees for the 2018 Manningham Business Excellence Awards Young Achiever. As we... more

06 Nov 2018 · 55 minutes
Episode 29: Interview with Craig and Jessica Abbott (Heavy Haulers / PHIIT Studio)

Our interview with Craig and Jessica Abbott - founders and owners of Heavy Haulers / PHIIT Studio (recorded in August... more

30 Oct 2018 · 28 minutes
Podcast 28: Gavin Sloan - Founder of Live Chat Monitoring

Our interview with Gavin Sloan, the founder of LiveChatMonitoring.com. An incredible story of turning around a business on the brink... more

23 Oct 2018 · 33 minutes
Episode 27: Martin Cooperwaite, founder of Kiandra IT

Martin Cooperwaite, co-founder of Kiandra IT (kiandra.com.au), shares the story of starting and growing his award-winning company, along with providing... more

16 Oct 2018 · 48 minutes
Episode 26: Interview with Traffic Diversions Group

Stefan interviews the owners of Traffic Diversions Group – Paul McRedmond, Stefan Shulz and Ross McDonald. In 2012, Stefan and... more

09 Oct 2018 · 41 minutes
Episode 25: How To Build An A-Grade Business

In this short "Think Tank" podcast, Stefan explains what it takes to build an A-Grade business. He explores the 4... more

02 Oct 2018 · 19 minutes
Episode 24: Interview with Simon And Kylie Frank from PowerCom Electrical

Our interview with Kylie and Simon Frank, owners of Powercom Electrical (powercomelectrical.com.au) Simon and Kylie share their story in business –... more

25 Sep 2018 · 41 minutes
Episode 23: Building High Performance Teams

In this “brain stretch” episode, Stefan explores what it takes to build a high performance team. There are nuggets of... more

18 Sep 2018 · 24 minutes
Episode 22: Interview with Julie Quinton from Quinton's SUPA IGA

Julie Quinton shares her truly touching and inspiring personal story of her life in business. Her husband Brian purchased the... more

11 Sep 2018 · 39 minutes
Episode 21: Exit Strategies & Succession Planning

As a business owner, when you’re building a business you need to have a clear idea about where you’re headed... more

04 Sep 2018 · 29 minutes
Episode 20: Interview with Tom Harley, CEO of Harley & Sons (Aussie Plumbing and Gutters)

We interview Tom Harley, CEO of Harley & Sons Roofing (formerly Aussie Plumbers & Gutters) in a fantastic, candid interview... more

28 Aug 2018 · 33 minutes
Business Benchmark Group Podcast
Episode 23: Building High Performance Teams
Business Benchmark Group Podcast

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In this “brain stretch” episode, Stefan explores what it takes to build a high performance team. There are nuggets of gold right... more