Beyond the 3D

Beyond the 3D

Michael J. Russ
Jun 27, 2020 46 min

Racism:Turning Lead into Gold-Part I

In this episode, Michael discusses what each of us must do to begin a societal transformation which puts us on the path to eliminating systemic racism in our society.
Jun 11, 2020 51 min

George Floyds Death: Turn lead into Gold Through Contrast

In this episode, Michael reveals how George Floyds death, and the actions it has sparked, can be seen as an evolutionary catalyst for your own transformation when you apply the element of "contrast."
May 30, 2020 25 min

Gratitude and More...

In this episode, Michael discusses the infinite value of gratitude. E: [email protected] T: @michaeljruss I: @zeroadversity
May 09, 2020 1 hr 6 min

A Conversation About Building Immunity With Lisa Larose

Guest, Lisa Larose, a Holistic Health Practitioner, and Michael J. Russ discuss various paths to building greater personal immunity in an age where viruses are impacting the immune-compromised and chronic health issues have become a problem for the younger generation.
May 08, 2020 25 min

A New Perception That Will Blow Your Mind!

Perceptions are important because they dictate the thoughts, self-talk, feelings, and actions/responses that follow. In this episode, Michael reveals a response you can apply to any event that will have you "turning lead into gold" with much greater frequency.
Apr 21, 2020 45 min

How to Be Happy During Challenging Times

In this episode, Michael shares how to take control and transcend out of control events and personal circumstances to be happy, energetic, and enthusiastic. Have a question or comment about a podcast? Send an email to Michael at the following address. [email protected]
Apr 06, 2020 47 min

What You Say is What You Get

In this episode, Michael approaches "self-talk" from 3 different angles to assist you with turning yours into the driving force for happiness, joy, inspiration, energy, success, and turning lead into gold! Twitter: @michaeljruss Instagram: zeroadversity Comments: [email protected]
Mar 23, 2020 34 min

Finally, It's All About You!

If you ever really wanted it to only be about you, not it is the time to go for it! In this episode, Michael shares how by actually making things all about you would be the best thing for the planet and its inhabitants.
Feb 29, 2020 33 min

Applying "Inner Alchemy" in Real Time

In this episode, Michael shares how to apply Sovereignty and Inner Alchemy to remain happy, enthusiastic, and energetic about yourself and your life in the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak.
Feb 03, 2020 22 min

Turning Loss into an Opportunity to Take Your Life to the Next Level and Beyond

In this episode, Michael shares how shifting your perception of the loss of someone you admired into an opportunity to feel better about yourself and what you are capable of.
Beyond the 3D
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