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Think of the Children
Think of the Children
Think of the Children

Join us in our office once every other week as lifelong friends turned business partners Owen Piper and Jay Little systematically destroy... more

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Episode 58 - Dopamine and Amnesiacs

Those darn TOTC boys are back at it again to ruin more of your beloved childhood memories! This week, the... more

18 Dec 2020 · 53 minutes
Episode 57 - White Phosphorus Soup

The boys have escaped the Astral Dimension and only Dave is really worse for wear. Owen and Jay are still... more

24 Nov 2020 · 56 minutes
Emergency Broadcast: The State of the Company

Owen and Jay are back after a tumultuous 2020. They explain where they've been, what's coming next, apologise profuesly for... more

22 Nov 2020 · 14 minutes
Episode 56 - www.coolphilosophygames.com

Oops! It's been 3 Months! Global Pandemics are bad for productivity, it turns out! Either way, the boys are back... more

18 Jul 2020 · 51 minutes
Episode 55 - The Witcher 3 (Feat. Stefan Ayto)

This week, the boys are joined by reptile lover and the host of Talking With Dinosaurs, Stefan Ayto! They kind... more

11 Apr 2020 · 56 minutes
Episode 54 - A Motherfucking JoJo's Reference

Kids, I won't lie, this one goes off the rails a little bit towards the end. It's good shit, but... more

27 Mar 2020 · 1 hour, 16 minutes
Episode 53 - John WAHck

The wheels are still a-rollin' here at the TOTC Mobile Headquarters. Owen and Jay have both taken different approaches to... more

12 Mar 2020 · 56 minutes
Episode 52: On the Road Again

We're back! But not quite as you know it. Some things have changed for Owen and Jay but they need... more

20 Jan 2020 · 50 minutes
Episode 51 - Hostile Takeover (Feat. Crit Chat)

Happy New Year, friends! After comitting a terrible podcast crime, Jay is on the run and Owen drank himself into... more

04 Jan 2020 · 1 hour, 8 minutes
Episode 50 - Crossing the Streams: The BioDick

Well friends, we've arrived at the big 5-0. It's a feature length presentation of our fetid, dirty crimes against your... more

09 Dec 2019 · 1 hour, 40 minutes
Think of the Children
Episode 58 - Dopamine and Amnesiacs
Think of the Children