Read On - The Audiobook Show from RNIB

Read On - The Audiobook Show from RNIB

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Aug 07, 2020 57 min

181: The Murder of Roger Ackroyd Live - Part 1

A special edition of Read On - The Audiobook Show featuring part one of 'The Murder of Roger Ackroyd' by Agatha Christie adapted by Ross Burman and performed by The Wireless Theatre Company. The cast includes Juliette Stevenson, Steve Hodson, Ben Whitehead and more. We also explore why this book was chosen to represent the RNIB Talking Book service.
Jul 31, 2020 57 min

180: Roz Watkins, Rosanna Amaka and Susie Steiner

We investigate a drowned village and some distinctly creepy goings on in The Peak District with Roz Watkins and her new novel ‘Cut to the Bone’ (Starts at 0.45) Rosanna Amaka discusses the inspiration behind her absorbing debut ‘The Book of Echoes’ and gives us the books of her life (17.00) Susie Steiner talks about her latest book in the DS Manon Bradshaw series and her own experiences of sight loss (35.15) And we return to Roz Watkins for the books of her life (48.52)
Jul 24, 2020 57 min

179: Amanda Jennings, Philippa Ashley' and narrating 'The Tin Ring'

Amanda Jennings explores both the sunny and darker sides of life in Cornwall in her latest suspense novel ‘The Storm' (Starts at 0.40) We discover the heart-warming story behind the recording of ‘The Tin Ring’ – a tale of Holocaust survival that’s just entered the RNIB library (15.12) We return to the South West with Philippa Ashley for ‘A Perfect Cornish Escape’ (32.55) And back to Amanda Jennings for the books of her life (47.06)
Jul 17, 2020 57 min

178: Alyson Rudd and Mike Ingham MBE

Alyson Rudd takes us underground in her new suspense mystery ‘Eleven Lines to Somewhere’. (Starts at 0.40) Former BBC football correspondent Mike Ingham discusses the recording of his autobiography ‘’After Extra Time and Penalties’ with Toby Davey ( (19.08) And we return to Alyson Rudd for the Books of Her Life (45.11)
Jul 10, 2020 57 min

177: Natasha Pulley, Anthony McGowan and Katerina Diamond

Natasha Pulley on her new Keita Mori novel, 'The Lost Future of Pepperharrow' (Starts at 0.44) Anthony McGowan gives us his reaction to winning the 2020 CILIP Carnegie medal for his book 'Lark' (25.05) Katerina Diamond on her crime thriller 'The Woman in the Water' (34.35) And we return to Natasha Pulley for the books of her life (45.16)
Jul 03, 2020 57 min

176: Mark Lynas, Joanna Toye and Dame Vera Lynne

Mark Lynas tells us about 'Our Final Warning - Six Degrees of Climate Emergency' (Starts at 0.45) Joanna Toye has a new shop girls book, this time the WW2 saga 'Heartache for the Shopgirls' (19.10) After her passing, we explore some books written by Dame Vera Lynn available from RNIB (35.14) And we return to Mark Lynas for the books of his life (47.00)
Jun 26, 2020 57 min

175: Simon Stephenson, Lori Nelson Spielman and Tony Hawks

Simon Stephenson talks to Red Szell about 'Set My Heart to Five', the tale of a robot learning to love, which has already been sold to Hollywood. (Starts at 1.00) Lori Nelson Spielman takes us on a virtual romantic trip in 'One Italian Summer' and we hear the books of her life (18.55) From the archives Tony Hawks talks to Robert Kirkwood about his second book, 'Playing The Moldovans At Tennis' (37.47) And we return to Simon Stephenson for the books of his life. (45.19)
Jun 19, 2020 57 min

174: Afia Atakora, Sara Collins, Andrea Levy and Eric Motley

Afia Atakora explores Black Lives in the immediate aftermath of the American Civil War in her new novel Conjure Women (Starts at 1.04) We follow a servant and former slave girl from a Jamaican plantation to Georgian London in The Confessions of Frannie Langton by Sara Collins (16.00) We travel back in time to hear from the late Andrea Levy about her book The Long Song and how her father arrived in the UK on the Empire Windrush (31.14) And travel from racially charged Alabama to the Oval Office with Eric Motley (40.45) Plus there's a return to Afia Atakora for the books of her life. (49.00)
Jun 12, 2020 57 min

173: Salman Rushdie, Nicola Cornick, Bella Osborne and Sue Lawrence's Cabin Fever Fables

Nicola Cornick takes us back to 1560 in her Tudor-set dual time book, The Forgotten Sister (Starts at 1.00) Cookery writer and winner of Masterchef, Sue Lawrence joins Saraband books for Cabin Fever Fables (17.10) Bella Osborne tells us about her new novel, Meet Me At Pebble Beach (28.00) There's an update on the reopening of the RNIB Braille Library from Ali Long (42.06) And we get the books of your life from Sir Salman Rushdie (48.08)
Jun 05, 2020 57 min

172: Caroline Lawrence, Tim Finch and Cabin Fever Fables with Nicola Martin

Caroline Lawrence takes us to Ancient Greece in her 'Time Travel Diaries' (Starts at 0.45) Author Tim Finch and Red Szell negotiate some 'Peace Talks' (19.00) Nicola Martin reads from her debut novel, the thriller Dead Ringer for Saraband Books in her Cabin Fever Fable (31.30) And we return to Caroline Lawrence for the books of her life (48.15)