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Read On - The Audiobook Show from RNIB

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Oct 23, 2020 57 min

191: Caroline Corcoran, Tsitsi Dangarembga and Bernadine Evaristo

Caroline Corcoran introduces us to her disturbing new psychological thriller ‘The Baby Group’. Tsitsi Dangarembga discusses her Booker short-listed novel ‘This Mournable Body’, and reflects on post-colonial life in Zimbabwe. We hear from the joint-winner of last year's Booker Prize, Bernadine Evaristo. And we return to share the Books of Caroline Corcoran’s Life.
Oct 16, 2020 57 min

190: Gill Paul, Diane Cook and The New Wilderness

Gill Paul re-imagines the love triangle between the world’s richest man, the President’s widow, and one of the greatest soprano of all time in her historical novel ‘The Second Marriage’. Diane Cook walks us through her debut novel The New Wilderness, which has been shortlisted for this years Booker Prize. And we return to Gill Paul to hear the books of her life.
Oct 02, 2020 57 min

189: Morten Bonde, Stuart Turton and Notes on Blindness

Morten Bonde discusses his self-help memoir Sentenced to Blindness: Now What? Robert Kirkwood looks at Notes on Blindness, and the source material Touching the Rock by John Hull (Starts at 23.25) And Stu Turton unveils his dazzling new novel 'The Devil and the Dark Water'
Sep 25, 2020 57 min

188: Claire Allan, Janice Galloway and Gail Honeyman

Claire Allan discusses her dark new psychological thriller, The Liar's Daughter Janice Galloway joins Robert Kirkwood in the Glasgow studios to record her collection of short stories, Jellyfish (Starts at 21.36) Gail Honeyman tells us all about Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, before the book was released (31.20) And we return to Claire Allan for the books of her life. (46.46)
Sep 18, 2020 57 min

187: Clare Marchant, Nicola Cornick, some Talking Book Narrators and the Booker Shortlist

In today's show we hear the shortlist for this year's Booker Prize. Clare Marchant introduces us to her timeslip novel, The Secrets of Saffron Hall. (Starts at 7.30) A gathering of Talking Book narrators tell Robert Kirkwood about their favourite reads. (22.00) We timeslip back to Nicola Cornick's first visit to Read On. (34.11) And we return to Clare Marchant for the books of her life (51.48)
Sep 11, 2020 57 min

186: Miranda Emmerson, Roald Dahl and B.J. Novak

Miranda Emmerson transports us to Soho in the swinging sixties for ' A Little London Scandal' For Roald Dahl Day, Robert Kirkwood discovers more than children's books in the RNIB Library (Starts at 18.25) Penny Melville Brown reviews some thrillers and more. (26.20) B.J. Novak talks about and reads from his 'Book With No Pictures' (33.50) And we return to Miranda Emmerson for the Books of her Life. (44.34)
Sep 04, 2020 57 min

185: Eleanor Wasserberg, Neil MacGregor, Bernardine Evaristo and an X-Wing Pilot

Eleanor Wasserberg chats about 'The Light at the End of the Day' and being inspired by a painting. Neil MacGregor talks about the book version of his radio show ' A History of the World in 100 Objects' and how he also was inspired by art. (Starts at 22.25) Narrator Ray Sawyer chats about narrating Alan Bennett. (34.04) We listen to a couple of books narrated by actors who were in Star Wars. (36.16) And as the Booker Prize approaches, we hear the books of last year's joint winner, Bernardine Evaristo (43.12)
Aug 28, 2020 57 min

184: S.D. Robertson, Charlotte Levin, Irvine Welsh and Tam Dean Burn

S.D. Robertson introduces us to his new book, 'How to Save A Life' Charlotte Levin talks about her debut novel, released while in lockdown, 'If I Can't Have You' and gives us the books of her life. (Starts at 17.30) Tam Dean Burn on the works of Irvine Welsh for Talking Books. (36.30) And we return to S.D. Robertson for the books of his life. (48.12)
Aug 21, 2020 57 min

183: Seni Glaister, Luan Goldie and Maribel Steel

Seni Glaister takes us on a rural retreat in 'Growing Season' (Starts at 0.45) Luan Goldie explores race, family and loss in 'Homecoming' (13.35) We've got short extract from Maribel Steel's book 'Blindness for Beginners' (34.28) A listener reviews a classic detective novel narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch (39.10) And we return to Seni Glaister for The Books of her Life (43.50)
Aug 14, 2020 57 min

182: The Murder of Roger Ackroyd Live - Part 2

A special edition of Read On - The Audiobook Show featuring part two of 'The Murder of Roger Ackroyd' by Agatha Christie adapted by Ross Burman and performed by The Wireless Theatre Company. This episode also goes behind the scenes and interviews the actors, producer and even spot effects.