Read On - The Audiobook Show from RNIB

Read On - The Audiobook Show from RNIB

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May 29, 2020 57 min

171: Sarah Morgan, Alistair Petrie, Lucy Scott and more Cabin Fever Fables

Sarah Morgan escapes to the Lake District in her new novel, 'Family for Beginners' (Starts at 1.10) Narrator couple Al Petrie and Lucy Scott talk about narrating for RNIB and the Talking Book as a theatre for one. (17.28) Saraband Books have more Cabin Fever Fables, this time with Marion Dunn (36.00) And we return to Sarah Morgan for the books of her life. (57.45)
May 22, 2020 57 min

170: Ellen Alpsten, L.D. Lapinski and Gary Bridson-Daley

Ellen Alpsten tells us about 'Tsarina', the most powerful woman that history forgot. (Starts at 0.50) L. D. Lapinski takes us on a journey via the 'Strangeworlds Travel Agency' and gives us the books of her life. (21.45) Gary Bridson-Daley talks about his book 'The Last Heroes: Voices of British and Commonwealth Veterans' (37.15) And we return to Ellen Alpsten for the books of her life. (50.18)
May 15, 2020 57 min

169: Hayley Doyle, Molly Flatt and David Farrier

In this week's show from the broom cupboard and bedroom, Hayley Doyle on her new rom-com, Never Saw You Coming (Starts at 1.00) Molly Flatt on the recording of her book, The Charmed Life of Alex Moore, plus we hear the books of her life (14.30) David Farrier explores what traces we will leave for the very deep future in his book 'Footprints' (31.05) And we return to Hayley Doyle for the books of her life (48.52)
May 08, 2020 57 min

168: Raven Smith, Chris Devon and The Big Book Weekend

Author Molly Flatt tells us all about a virtual book Festival, The Big Book Weekend (Starts at 1.30) We hear about The Poetry Generation and hear a poem read by David Blunkett (12.10) Narrator Chris Devon talks about recording books from home (19.32) And Instagram sensation Raven Smith tells Red about Yoga, relationships and Ikea meatballs ... and gives us the books of his life (30.34)
May 01, 2020 57 min

167: Holly Watt, Peter Kenny and Sue Moorcroft

Holly Watt talks to Red Szell about her new thriller 'The Dead Line' (Starts at 0.45) Narrator Peter Kenny chats to Robert Kirkwood about accents and recording books at a social distance (16.10) Sue Moorcroft tells us about a summer romance, 'Summer on a Sunny Island' (34.00) And we return to Holly Watt for the books of her life. (48.30)
Apr 24, 2020 57 min

166: Joanna Briscoe, John le Carre and Chris Dolan's Cabin Fever Fables

Joanna Briscoe talks exclusively about her new novel 'The Seduction', and gives us the books of her life (Starts at 1.24) Saraband Books have more Cabin Fever Fables, this time with Chris Dolan - Listen to more episodes here ( (26.20) And never heard before John le Carre gives us the books of his life (44.10)
Apr 17, 2020 57 min

165: Beth O'Leary, Narrator John Banks and more Cabin Fever Fables

Recorded in a bedroom and a cupboard under the stairs, this week we have ... Beth O'Leary tells us about her follow up to 'The Flat Share', 'The Switch'. (Starts at 0.48) There's more Cabin Fever Fables from Sarah Hunt at Saraband, this time with Olga Wojtas. Listen to more episodes here. ( (16.50) And narrator John Banks goes through the books he's narrated for RNIB. (32.00)
Apr 10, 2020 57 min

164: Juliet Stevenson, Leighton Pugh and Cabin Fever Fables

In our first properly home-made episode, Narrator Leighton Pugh on recording books, including Samuel Pepys views on the plague (Starts at 1.30) Robert Kirkwood finds some great books to self isolate with (13.30) Juliet Stevenson on narrating books for RNIB (23.40) Sara Hunt from Saraband books talks to Graham MacRae Burnet in episode 1 of Cabin Fever Fables ... listen to more episodes here ( (37.27) And Frances Hardinge gives us the books of her life (50.30)
Apr 03, 2020 57 min

163: Julian Fellowes on Belgravia, Maribel Steel on Blindness for Beginners and Lady Audley's Secret

We go down-under to meet Maribel Steel and her new book ‘Blindness for Beginners’ (Starts at 1.27) Julian Fellowes on the writing and publication of Belgravia (20.00) Publishers Orion on the making of Belgravia (26.45) Red Szell reviews Lady Audley's Secret (40.30) And we return to Maribel Steel for the books of her life (48.30)
Mar 27, 2020 57 min

162: J.M. Joseph, Onjali Q Rauff, Dave Steele and Tendai Huchu

J.M. Joseph introduces us to ‘Fire Boy’, a superhero whose superpower comes with unfortunate consequences (Starts at 0.50) Dave Steele shares the latest chapters in his life as The Blind Poet, including plans for a series of children’s stories. (10.25) Tendai Huchu introduces us to ‘The Hairdresser of Harare’. (26.50) Onjali Q Rauff mixes light and dark in her new book ‘The Star Outside My Window’. (35.00) And we return to J.M. Joseph for the books of his life. (45.40)