The THRIVE Perspective: Inspirational Messages to Live Your Best LIfe, Because There Is Always An Upside!

The THRIVE Perspective: Inspirational Messages to Live Your Best LIfe, Because There Is Always An Upside!

Rena Romano - Speaker, Author, Podcaster, Positivity Pro, sur-THRIVER®
Aug 05, 2020 35 min

Episode 53 Sana Turnock - Strengthening Your Courage Muscle

Sana shares how we all have a "Courage Muscle and How You Can Strengthen Yours" To learn more about her Podcast and Courage Journal go to:
Jul 14, 2020 33 min

Episode 52 Rena Romano Chats with Mickie Zada "Shatterproof, Thriving after Domestic Violence

Micki Zada is an author and an enthusiastic participant in life. Not re-tired but RE-Fired after 40 years in the golf industry, into living her best Cool Retired authentic life of building community, writing, and being. Check out her Facebook group: Facebook Group Cool Retired Women Group and
Jul 08, 2020 38 min

Episode 51 Rena Romano Chats With Kelly Humphries "Unscathed Beauty" Turning her darkest fight into her brightest light!

Kelly Humphries’ darkest fight becomes her brightest light. There is always an upside. Listen in, and found out how she triumphed over her childhood abuse and is now an Author - Speaker and Advocate for other survivors of abuse. She is a True sur-THRIVER® FB @KellyHumphriesSpeaker or For more details on the THRIVE course go to
Jun 24, 2020 23 min

Episode 50 - Rena Romano Chats With Geanne Meta "Parenting Well After Child Abuse"

Rena Romano Interviews Geanne Meta, Author of "Parenting Well After Child Abuse" Be a Great Parent even if yours were crap. There is always an Upside and Geanne is a prime example of living a Happy, Healthy, Productive Life after child abuse.
Jun 17, 2020 12 min

New Interview Series Coming for sur-THRIVERs®

Stay tuned we have a whole new series of interviews coming with sur-THRIVERs® listen in if you would like to be on the show.
Jun 03, 2020 10 min

I am looking to Interview Survivors

Attention Survivors of Child Abuse - MeTOO and Domestic Violence We are starting a new format to interview sur-THRIVERs® who have had counseling and are now thriving. Do you have a book or program you can share or just want to share how you stay happy, healthy, and productive after trauma? We would love to have you on the show. Listen in and if you are interested to send an email to [email protected]
Feb 04, 2020 14 min

Is This Keeping You Stuck?

You don't realize that this one thing is keeping you stuck. Find out how to let it go! TEDx Talk "Healing From Sexual Abuse Can Start With One Word" The THRIVE Perspective® On-Line Course for Female Survivors My THRIVE Journal
Jan 22, 2020 13 min

Is EGO getting in your way?

You may have good intentions but EGO can play havoc on our lives. Click here to watch TEDx Talk Female Survivors click here to enroll in course
Jan 13, 2020 15 min

You Survived For a Reason! Let's Celebrate that!

sur-THRIVER® --- Your reason for surviving is not as complicated as you may think. You survived to Inspire others with your Courage, Strength, and Tenacity to Persevere! Hold your head HIGH and be proud of yourself! Let's Celebrate YOU Today! More Inspiration for you, check out these resources to help you THRIVE! Click on the Titles to take you to that resource! The THRIVE Perspective® On-Line Course My THRIVE Journal Geannes Book "Parenting Well After Child Abuse" Be a great parent even if yours were crap
Dec 18, 2019 14 min

Exciting News for The New Year

I'm Back..... Sometimes you have to take some time off to create new things. New Programs and Positivity for YOU! The THRIVE Perspective® On-Line Course My THRIVE Journal Shout out to Missi and Nancy at