Designed Today

Designed Today

Dillon Winspear
Oct 20, 2020 28 min

Soft-Skills: Introduction (Week 1) // Ep 94

I've got some special for you... Today's introduction is the start of a new mini-series in which my good friend Michael Curtis will be joining me to talk about Soft Skills, and how you can strengthen your own.Over the last few years, I've found Uncle...
Oct 13, 2020 49 min

Both Sides of the Hiring Table (w/ Jared Spool) // Ep. 93

Jared Spool, the Maker of Awesomeness and co-founder of Center Centre UIE, is here to share some great insights. We discuss the steps you should be taking before leaving your UX Schooling, and what you can do to help you secure a job after graduation...
Oct 06, 2020 17 min

Getting Started & Finding Inspiration (Q&A Session) // Ep. 92

A much overdue Q&A session with questions sent in by the listeners via Slack, LinkedIn, and Instagram. The questions tackled in this episode include:"How did you start learning? How did you find the right resources?""How did you land your first job...
Sep 29, 2020 40 min

Your Unique Journey Into UX (w/ @UXGoodies Ioana Teleanu) // Ep. 91

It wasn't too long ago that people were born and their parents knew from Day 1 what they were going to grow up to be. For some it was a Doctor, for others it was a lawyer. Some people were going to take over the family grocery store. But if you start...
Sep 22, 2020 7 min

Daily UI Copycat Challenge // Ep. 90

In 2020, it's still unlikely to come across UX positions that still don't require a bit of UI work. However, unless you came from a visual design background, chances are you didn't spend much time learning UI while in your Bootcamp or online learning....
Sep 15, 2020 44 min

The Power of Vulnerability (w/ Logo Designer James Martin) // Ep. 89

Social media cultivates a world in which we feel pressured to live behind a facade of "everything's good" and "always sunshine over here" - but the truth of the matter is nobody is actually living that way, so why do we pretend?When quarantine hit, and...
Sep 08, 2020 7 min

Micro Case Studies // Ep. 88

Case studies are already an incredibly tricky thing to figure out. Even once we get all the details locked in, it's easy to lack confidence when we see parts of the traditional UX process missing from a project.If you're considering a small white lie to...
Sep 01, 2020 43 min

Discovering Your Voice (w/ Product Design Instructor Elize Todd) // Ep. 87

Many people struggle to find that balance between speaking up for your design decisions and coming off as too defensive. This balance between humble yet confident is a hard one to master. Fortunately, my guest today, Elize Todd, as figured out how to...
Aug 25, 2020 4 min

Sometimes You Just Need To Show Up // Ep. 86

We are all going to have bad days. We're all going to have those days where we planned out our stretch goals, and when it comes time to act, we find excuses not to do it. I've found that for me its important on those days to just show up. Show up for...
Aug 18, 2020 49 min

Build Product Like Disney Imagineers // Ep. 85

You might "like" Disney, but that's childsplay in comparison to my next guest. In this episode of Designed Today, my guest Adam Landefeld, the SVP of Product at Domo, shares insights he's learned from the original Disney Imagineers and how he's applied...
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