Tahmina Talks Immigration

Tahmina Talks Immigration

Tahmina Watson
Oct 23, 2020 28 min

#104 Legal Heroes Series- Erin Albanese, Cofounder Lawyer Moms & WIDEN

Legal Heroes is a new series that is a compilation of interviews of lawyers who have stepped up beyond their day jobs to help in the various crises created by this administration. This interview series is now a book! In this episode of Legal Heroes, I speak with Erin Albanese, cofounder of Lawyer Moms Action and WIDEN. She has found activism in using her corporate law expertise in empowering non-profits and advocacy organizations. She has been at the forefront of many challenges over the last four years especially making a difference in immigration as well as other issues. Listen to her interview and read about her in the book! The Legal Heroes series is produced and edited by Nicole Lockett. Here is a link to the book: www.amazon.com/Legal-Heroes-Trum…4VZ90VX1JYET77BJ9
Oct 16, 2020 34 min

#103 Legal Heroes Series with Michele Storms, Executive-Director ACLU WA

Legal Heroes is a new series that is a compilation of interviews of lawyers who have stepped up beyond their day jobs to help in the various crises created by this administration. This interview series is now a book! In this episode of Legal Heroes, I speak with one of Washington State's leading lawyers Michele Storms. She is the Executive Director of the Washington State Chapter of the ACLU. She had lead many civil rights challenges over the last four years and is an inspirational person. Listen to her interview and read about her in the book! The Legal Heroes series is produced and edited by Nicole Lockett. Here is a link to the book: www.amazon.com/Legal-Heroes-Trum…4VZ90VX1JYET77BJ9
Oct 01, 2020 31 min

#102 Legal Heroes Series with Takao Yamada, Lawyer & Tech Entrepreneur

Legal Heroes is a new series that is a compilation of interviews of lawyers who have stepped up beyond their day jobs to help in the various crises created by this administration. This interview series is now a book! And the book will be available to purchase on Friday, October 2nd, 2020. You can search Amazon or wherever you buy your books! In this episode of Legal Heroes, I speak with my good friend Takao Yamada. Takao Yamada, a Seattle-based attorney, and entrepreneur is a co-founder of WIDEN. He previously helped found AirportLawyer.org. Yamada worked on the app after helping to coordinate the emergency legal response at SeaTac airport. He has worked in public policy and politics for a number of years. In addition to co-founding tech startups, Yamada has worked for the Washington State legislature and as a clerk for Justice Mary Yu. Yamada is a graduate of Georgetown Law and Hobart College. The Legal Heroes series is produced and edited by Nicole Lockett. Update: Here is a link to the book: https://www.amazon.com/Legal-Heroes-Trump-Era-Inspired-ebook/dp/B08KC7MBFV/ref=zg_bs_157006011_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=E4F4VZ90VX1JYET77BJ9
Jul 21, 2020 29 min

Show #101 with Alisa Brodkowitz, Aviation Lawyer & CEO- Lightning Law

As part of our "Legal Heroes" series, I'm thrilled to speak with internationally acclaimed aviation attorney, and founder & CEO of Lightening Law- Alisa Brodkowitz. Alisa has worked on some critical plane crash cases include several Boeing Max crashes. With over two decades of successfully representing victims of plane crashes around the world, Alisa conceived of Lightning Law- a platform for remote legal case management and trials. While she had been working on the idea for a couple of years, Covid19 accelerated the launch of the startup. Hear more about it from Alisa. Here are some useful links to learn about her and her innovative company that promises to revolutionize the way trials are managed and conducted. https://www.lightning.law/ A huge thank you to Alisa for taking time out of her busy day to join me on the show. Please note that the show was recorded just before she launched the startup which is now live!
Jul 18, 2020 24 min

Show #100: Election panel November 8, 2016 with Joel Paget and Rich Stolz

This episode was recorded on election day of November 8, 2016. I didn't get to upload this until July 18, 2020 though. Initially, I didn't have the heart to post it and then I simply forgot to post it. But I am now working on a project that reminded me that this episode is important and must be preserved. Hope you will enjoy and have some aha moments, given what has transpired since then. Here is a link to the blogpost from that day: https://watsonimmigrationlaw.com/2016/11/05/electionandimmigrationreform/ I am excited to announce panelists for my special election day “Immigration with Tahmina” show! Two outstanding immigration experts and community leaders will be joining me for another special ‘election & immigration reform’ episode! Rich Stolz, Executive Director of One America and renowned immigration attorney Joel Paget will joining me for this special ‘election & immigration’ show on November 8th 2016 at 10am PST! Joel Paget is an immigration lawyer and senior member of the immigration group at Ryan Swanson & Cleveland, in Seattle. He has over 30 years’ experience in all aspects of immigration law, with an emphasis on business and tax issues, and he lectures and writes frequently on these topics. He is an emeritus trustee of Seattle Pacific University and served for 28 years as director and secretary of the Seattle Pacific Foundation. For many years, he has been listed in The Best Lawyers in America® and has been selected by that publication as a “super lawyer” each year since the inception of the award. Rich Stolz was born in Seoul, South Korea. His parents met in Korea, when his father, an American citizen, worked there in the construction field. His mother became a naturalized citizen, and Rich’s family moved to the United States when he was three. Rich grew up in Redwood City, California, where he was raised by his mother. Growing up, Rich was always conscious of his bi-racial identity, which was framed by his and his mother’s experience as new-comers to the United States. From an early age, Rich thought a good deal about what it meant to be a citizen, what it meant to be American, and the consequences of prejudice. Over the last fifteen years, Rich has worked at the Center for Community Change, a national organization based in Washington, D.C. During that time, he focused on the intersection of policy, politics and organizing across a broad spectrum of issues impacting low-income and minority communities, including jobs and income support policy, immigration policy, infrastructure investment and environmental justice. He has lived and organized in communities as diverse as Portland, Maine; Montgomery, Alabama; Tucson, Arizona; Washington, D.C.; and Seattle, Washington. Read more about Rich here. This show is guaranteed to have a riveting discussion on immigration and election with our two immigration experts! Be sure to tune into this exciting episode at 10 am PST on November 8th on Desi 1250 AM . You can tune into your radio in the greater Seattle area at 1250 AM or listen online at http://www.desi1250am.com/. You can download the Desi 1250am app from the app store. If you have questions, you are welcome to email me in advance at [email protected] or at [email protected]
Jun 29, 2020 30 min

Show #99 With Moses Man, CPA, Taxes, Immigration & Covid19

In this episode of Tahmina Talks Immigration, I sit down with international tax expert Moses Man of MSquared Tax (www.msqauredtax.com). Moses and I have presented at various panels together to discuss these issues. Today, we talk about Covid19 implications on becoming a 'tax resident' and other tax issues that immigrants should be aware of. Visit Moses' website to get in touch with him if you have further questions for him.
Jun 23, 2020 33 min

Show #98 Tahmina Talks Remote Work w/Abhay Mishra, cofounder Kaamwork

Welcome to our latest episode! We're in the middle of a global pandemic where remote work from home is the new normal. Tahmina Talks 'remote work' and more with Abhay Mishra, Cofounder of Kaamwork- a company that focuses on decentralizing the work force by enabling work-from-anywhere. This is a timely interview given that record number of Americans are out of work. And while immigrants may want to look for work outside the US, American workers could equally work for companies outside the US also. Listen to Abhay Mishra talk how he envisioned Kaamwork before the pandemic ground the globe and how his company is uniquely positioned to help anyone anywhere work for anyone. A huge thank you to Abhay for taking time to speak with me all the way from India. Here are some links people will find useful: https://www.linkedin.com/in/abhaywork/ https://www.kaamwork.com We would love to hear your thoughts on this episode and keep an eye out for Abhay coming back to talk more remote-work soon!
Oct 07, 2019 32 min

Show #97: Martine Kalaw, A Survivor of the Immigration Court System

In this episode, Tahmina Talks immigration with Martine Kalaw- a survivor of our immigration system. We discuss her first hand experience of going through the immigration court process that lasted for years. She is a beautiful, smart and articulate advocate for the injustice that is the convoluted system in which today's crisis is seeing children in court without representation. Martine is an author, speaker and survivor of current immigration laws and reform. Her debut memoir, “Illegal Among Us" recounts her journey through a 7- year deportation battle with no family or country, to success as a senior level executive with an advanced degree, a father she thought dead, and finally her long-sought U.S. citizenship. Martine has written for publications like the Huffington Post, is a Tedx speaker and has appeared on syndicated networks like C-span. You can learn more about her and buy her book at https://www.martinekalaw.com/biography. Here is a link to the chart we discussed on the show: https://www.martinekalaw.com/?lightbox=dataItem-jwtm715q And here is a link to the King County Bar Association article in which WIDEN, the non-profit Tahmina helped found, is mentioned. https://www.kcba.org/For-Lawyers/Bar-Bulletin/PostId/916/how-can-we-help-with-the-immigration-detention-crisis
Aug 11, 2019 30 min

Episode 96: Noah Purcell, WA Solicitor General, travel ban and more

On our latest episode, we chat with Noah Purcell, Washington state Solicitor General. He argued the very first travel ban case and won a stay against the executive order. We chat about the travel ban and some of the other immigration cases Noah and the WA Attorney General's office has been fighting in the last couple of years. The impact of his work is truly profound! Noah is exploring the option to run for WA Attorney General in the future. You can learn more here- https://purcellforthepeople.com/. Here is a link to his bio: https://purcellforthepeople.com/about.html __________ Don't forget to give us 5 stars on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts so others can find us. Thanks for listening!
Jul 23, 2019 26 min

#92- Sincerely America, a play telling immigrant stories

In this episode, Tahmina Talks Immigration with the Producer Chevi Chung and Director Ellen peters as well as one of the actors Nicole Lockett (who is also Senior Paralegal and Office Manager at Watson Immigration Law) of a play called Sincerely America. If in Washington State, we hope you will watch the play! Tickets can be purchased at www.sincerelyamerica.bpt.me. Listen to this podcast to learn more! Sincerely, America is inspired by the immigrant experience in an effort to create empathy and understanding for each other by reaching into the past to see the history of our community. The first play of the production, American Dreams, a play by Linda Britt and directed by Ellen Peters, focuses on the immigrant experience in the U.S., an experience which varies widely depending on country of origin, race, religion, age, and location allowing the characters to focus on the aspect of their story that is most meaningful to them. The second play of the production, The Art of Remembering, a play by Adina L. Ruskin and directed by Chevi Chung, shows three actors embodying different facets of a young woman who returns home to bury her father. While there, she cleans out her closet and with each object she discovers, she touches on the stories of her ancestors that are as diverse as a feisty Polish-Jewish émigré taking America by storm, an Argentine who stands against his country's repression, and a woman who witnesses the fall of the Berlin Wall. Together, Sincerely, America reminds us of the beauty of life and the importance of our past. Director Ellen Peters has earned a B.A. in theatre and psychology from Bates College in Maine and an Ed.M. in Administration, Planning and Social Policy from Harvard University. She has also studied improvisational comedy. Ellen has performed on stage and screen with professional and community productions and has directed and taught at community theatres in Maine and in Washington, D.C., all prior to her move to Tacoma in 2011. While in Maine, she served on the LA Arts Board and the Lewiston Auburn Public Theatre (AEA) Board. As Chair of the Education Committee, Ellen spearheaded a school liaison program, which engaged a more diverse audience. Since moving to Washington state, Ellen has served on the Board of Tacoma Little Theatre and acted and/or directed with Tacoma Little Theatre, Dukesbay Productions, Toy Boat Theatre, and Found Space Productions. She has become increasingly interested in the impact of theatre on the audience and the larger community and focuses her interests on scripts which prompt discussion and educate and challenge. Ellen is delighted to be a part of the Tacoma arts community and is an administrator at the University of Puget Sound. Producer Chevy Chung: Chevi Chung is the visionary behind Empathos Company and a theatre artist currently based in Tacoma. She has worked in London, Los Angeles, and Seattle. She holds an MA in Acting from the Guildford School of Acting, pursued her undergraduate theatre studies at the University of La Verne, and earned a BA in Organizational Leadership from Brandman University. Chevi is energized by stories about People of Color, women, and history. Actor Nicole Lockett: Nicole is the Senior Paralegal and Office Manager of Watson Immigration Law. She received her Associate of Applied Sciences in Paralegal Studies from Highline Community College in 2010. She holds an Associate of Arts degree with an emphasis on Performance Arts, English, and Anthropology from Green River Community College, where she graduated with honors and as a member of Phi Theta Kappa. Among her many talents, she has a passion for the arts and animals! She is an enthusiastic and avid actor who performs regularly at local community theatres. Multi-talented Nicole is additionally a semi-professional choreographer in the Puget Sound Area