Your Brain on Facts

Your Brain on Facts

Moxie LaBouche
Dec 01, 2020 30 min

Do Not Adjust Your TV (Greatest Hits)

The greatest hits of broadcast signal hijacking. Topics include: Cold War era, Southern Television, zombies, naughty fun, and Max Headroom.
Nov 24, 2020 36 min

Thanks-myth-ing (ep. 135)

"The Indians taught the pilgrims to farm and the pilgrims invited them to Thanksgiving, with cranberry and pumpkin pie." -every elementary school text book. Boy were we sold a bill of goods! Ferret fact from fiction in this episode voted on by our patrons. Presidential voices by Old Nerds Drinking podcast.
Nov 17, 2020 36 min

The Hills are Alive (ep. 134)

...with ants! By popular demand, we scratch the very surface of the surprising and diverse world of the ant.
Nov 10, 2020 34 min

High Spirits (ep. 133)

From Vietnamese snake wine to vodka made from milk, mankind will make liquor with or out of just about anything!
Nov 03, 2020 57 min

Distraction Day Data Dump (ep. 132)

Today is the most stressful election day in the lives of many, so I declare it instead to be...Distraction Day. To that end, here's an extra-long episode of some of the best bits that were originally on the Patreon (the greatest hits that weren't too weird, gross, or swear-y, anyway).
Oct 27, 2020 36 min

This is Halloween listener special (ep. 131)

♪♫This is Halloween! This is Halloween!♫♪ Supporters on our Patreon and fans in our FB group chose the topics for today's episode: sorting Dracula fact from fiction how horror stars got their stars when did clowns become scary the history behind zombies movie monster fast facts!
Oct 20, 2020 38 min

You Can Ring Nobel (ep. 130)

The ins & outs, ups and downs of the world's most famous prize - why we give them out, who gets one, and, more importantly, who doesn't.
Oct 13, 2020 39 min

Never Surrender, with Garbled Twistory (ep. 129)

"Why didn't the slaves revolt?" They did. A lot. We just weren't taught about it. Here's a humble start at fixing that.
Oct 06, 2020 30 min

Earth, Wind & Stupidity (ep. 128)

We just can't have nice forests. Hear the stupid causes of some of modern history's most destructive wildfires and find out why putting out fires is actually making things worse. Did you get a chance to leave a review for the YBOF book? Someone just posted a bad review :( and I'd love to get the average back up. Read the full script. Reach out and touch Moxie on FB, Twit, the 'Gram or email.
Sep 29, 2020 31 min

Having the Last Word (ep. 127)

From the profound to the prophetic, from the ironic to the ignominious, from founding fathers to TV stars, we look into the final utterances of the famous and infamous alike.
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