The Essential Lighter Side

The Essential Lighter Side

Jay Casale
Sep 03, 2020 1 hr 21 min

Season Finale-TLS Reports: Here we go, Teachers.

On the season finale, I round out my Education Panels by speaking with Jo Ann Cimato (Theatre, English - NYC), Mike O'Keefe (Elementary, NJ), and Kristina Ulmer (English, PA)A huge thank you to Producer Katie Mare for her work and PodBear Audio for the...
Sep 02, 2020 1 hr 23 min

TLS Reports: Schools Opening in a Pandemic

Today I am joined by Dan Wiener (Language Arts Teacher, Seattle), Marisa Brady (Theater Teacher, Arizona), and Marc Siegel (Educational Technology Specialist, NJ) for a discussion on the reopening of schools. May the odds be ever in our favor. 5
Sep 01, 2020 1 hr 25 min

Making it sound like NPR with Elaine Grant

Elaine Appleton Grant is a podcast producer, public radio broadcaster and magazine journalist. Her work has appeared in Inc., Fast Company and on NPR. She produces Business Wars Daily, a Wondery podcast about corporate rivalries. I got to geek out with...
Aug 31, 2020 1 hr 1 min

Dragging Out the Vote with Lady Celestina

Matt Yee has spent the better part of the last five years as Lady Celestina, his top-hat wearing drag persona. I learned all about the world of drag, how Matt has spent the last few months adjusting from a hectic schedule of working a day job and a late...
Aug 28, 2020 1 hr 36 min

No more Stress with Jess Berger Vitalo

Jess is a dear friend and former costar of mine who has had some struggles with fertility over the years. After trying every single thing she could, it took moving to Florida and living through a pandemic for her to announce to the world that she is...
Aug 27, 2020 1 hr 16 min

Pureology with Michelle Patton

Michelle Patton is the Artistic Director of Cutting for Pureology Professional Color Care. She is a hairstylist, an educator, and an empathetic, warm person whose company I so thoroughly enjoyed, however virtual it was. We talked about her change from...
Aug 26, 2020 1 hr 13 min

TLS Reports: Education in a Pandemic

Our continuing story of how the nation's schools are reopening (or not) in the midst of the insanity. Joining me this time are Frank Guastela (Middle School Biology, NJ), Jade Cintron (ESL and Theater Educator, PA), and JD Wilson (3rd Grade, Hawaii). We...
Aug 25, 2020 1 hr 11 min

QT with Anthony Giorgio-Schmidt

Anthony Giorgio Schmidt is the host of the Queer Teen Podcast, showcasing and encouraging the next generation of queer youth from across the world to stand up for what's right. He is also the Director/ Choreographer/ Production-Manager for The Golden...
Aug 24, 2020 1 hr 9 min

Hail Seitan with Omer Basatemur

Omer Basatemur is the owner of Kaya's Kitchen, a Vegan restaurant in Belmar, NJ. He has been working in, and running, vegan restaurants for decades, and he is one of the few restaurant proprietors who is growing during the pandemic, having opened a new...
Aug 21, 2020 1 hr 30 min

TLS Reports: Education in America

As we head into the reopening of schools across our nation, I am speaking with educators, school employees, administrators, and more in order to get a full picture of the situation. Today's special episode features Howard Whitmore (Music, NJ), Nicole...
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