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FrameLab Podcast
FrameLab Podcast

A podcast about politics, language, and your brain. Hosts: Dr. George Lakoff: http://www.georgelakoff.com and Gil Durán: http://twitter.com/gilduran76

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Bloomberg vs. Democrats

In Episode 18, George and Gil discuss Bloomberg's entry into the 2020 Democratic primary and what it means.

20 Feb 2020 · 23 minutes

In Episode 17 of Framelab, George and Gil return to discuss the dangers, challenges and frames of impeachment.

30 Sep 2019 · 30 minutes
Donald Hits the Wall: Kamala/AOC/Pelosi

In Episode 16 of FrameLab, George and Gil discuss Kamala 2020, AOC and framing, and Nancy Pelosi's sound defeat of... more

03 Feb 2019 · 31 minutes
15: How to Protect the Truth

In Episode 15, George and Gil discuss some guiding principles that reporters, editors, politicians, social media influencers and citizens can... more

16 Dec 2018 · 30 minutes
14: Truth Sandwich Time

George and Gil discuss Trump's use of weaponized lies, and how to combat them by making Truth Sandwiches.

01 Dec 2018 · 29 minutes
13. Midterms and Metaphors

George and Gil return from a break to discuss the results of the 2018 midterm elections and the lessons for... more

10 Nov 2018 · 38 minutes
12: The Pardoner's Tale

In Episode 12 of the FrameLab podcast, George and Gil discuss how Trump is embarked on a strategy to put... more

15 Aug 2018 · 28 minutes
Four Rules for a Free Press

In Episode 10 of FrameLab, George and Gil propose four ways the press can adapt in order to counter Trump's... more

16 Jun 2018 · 30 minutes
Some Wise Advice Circulating

In Episode 9 of the FrameLab Podcast, George and Gil discuss the origin of the viral 10-point list of rules... more

29 May 2018 · 32 minutes
Some Jedi Mind Tricks

In Episode 8, George and Gil discuss six cognitive illusions/effects used by advertisers, marketers, and propagandists to influence public opinion. These... more

29 Apr 2018 · 55 minutes
FrameLab Podcast
Bloomberg vs. Democrats
FrameLab Podcast