New Hope Oahu

New Hope Oahu

Feb 13, 2020 49 min

Looking For Love: Shani’s Story

In the middle of being in three relationships at the same time, tensions with family, and choosing to reject her faith in God, Shani found Jesus in the middle of a mission trip she didn't even want to be on. Join Pastor Jon as we talk to Shani about her incredible story, learning how God can reach any heart. Links:
Feb 06, 2020 29 min

David’s Greatest Shame

David's life was full of victories, but also mistakes. What do we learn from David's greatest shame, and how can we equip ourselves to practically walk in the light? Join Pastor Jon Burgess and Pastor Pua Palekiko for a conversation about love, sex, and stealing candy. Links:
Feb 04, 2020 31 min

Sermon Show - Facing Giants

How can we "face our giants" and not falter in the process? Pastor Richard Waialeale shows us that we are looking at our faults instead of looking at Jesus. Links:
Jan 30, 2020 38 min

David’s Greatest Victory ft. Pastor Paul Brown

We're diving into the life of David in this first of two-part series! Join Pastor Jon Burgess as we learn about who David was, what we can learn from him today, and sing some Veggietales songs along the way. Links:
Jan 26, 2020 47 min

Life In The Last Chapter

Why do Christians need to share their faith? What is the rush? Can't we just live out our lives believing without sharing? Pastor Jon answers these questions in this powerful sermon with a fake missile crisis, the Titanic, and dressing in your new clothes to meet Jesus. Links:
Jan 20, 2020 45 min

What Time Is It?

This week, Sand Island Campus Pastor Jon Burgess urges us to move from complacency to active participation, from bystanders to disciples we continue our series, "The Issachar Anointing". Links:
Jan 16, 2020 34 min

A Season Of Steadfastness - Dr. Ed Stetzer

How do we focus on Jesus in a world mixed with rage, confusion, and darkness? Dr. Ed Stetzer shows us from Scripture how we can focus on the mission of God and become a people of steadfastness. Links:
Jan 09, 2020 21 min

Preview Episode - New Year’s Resolutions

A preview of our new podcast format! We are talking about why New Year's Resolutions often don't work, and even if the idea has any Christian basis. Links: Instagram:@newhopeoahu
Jan 07, 2020 41 min

Make Room For Tradition

Tradition has a bad reputation. It doesn't have to be this way. Tradition may have something to offer us, even in the modern age. This week, Pastor Jon Burgess wraps up our holiday series by discussing why tradition may be something we actually need in our lives as Christians. Links: Instagram:@newhopeoahu
Jan 06, 2020 58 min

A Vision For 2020

What is God up to in 2020? Pastor Aaron Cordeiro gives a great message on what Christians need to focus on in 2020: coming back to the heart of God. Links: Instagram:@newhopeoahu