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The Hyacinth Disaster
The Hyacinth Disaster
David Carlson

The crew of the MRS Hyacinth rush to survey a Jovian asteroid, hoping it is worth enough to ransom the crew of... more

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Episode 7 - What Time Is It?

EPISODE 7 - The crew decides to alter the deal at the last minute, and Station panics. Hosted on Acast.... more

26 Nov 2017 · 35 minutes
Episode 6 - Zero out of Five Stars

EPISODE 6 - The crew is finally ready to finish the deal and ransom Ember, but nothing goes smoothly. Hosted... more

25 Nov 2017 · 24 minutes
Episode 5 - The Lonely Confertree

EPISODE 5 - The crew moves to the shuttle as the Missus crumbles around them, and hope crashes down. Hosted... more

24 Nov 2017 · 28 minutes
Episode 4 - Up, Down, or Sideways

EPISODE 4 - The crew tries to repair failing equipment as communication degrades and danger grows.Transcript Hosted on Acast. See... more

23 Nov 2017 · 23 minutes
Episode 3 - Rookies on Payday

EPISODE 3 - The crew descends into the asteroid to find a missing team member and the data they're risking... more

23 Nov 2017 · 20 minutes
Episode 2 - I'm Not Singing

EPISODE 2 - The crew works against an accelerating clock and growing distrust to finish the job.Transcript Hosted on Acast.... more

22 Nov 2017 · 22 minutes
Episode 1 - Just Doing a Job

EPISODE 1 - The Hyacinth crew struggle through breakdowns and alarms to scan a promising asteroid before time runs out... more

21 Nov 2017 · 26 minutes
The Hyacinth Disaster
Episode 7 - What Time Is It?
The Hyacinth Disaster