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Aqua Marianas
Aqua Marianas
Sinking Feelings Productions

An audio drama by Sinking Feelings Productions set in a future where mankind has turned to the depths to try and explore... more

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Underwater Economic Disasters

When some friendly bets get way out of hand, Mahima has to use all of her wits to knock some... more

31 Dec 2018 · 26 minutes
Trailer: Episode 6

BEGIN EPISODE 6: FADE IN. Music credits: Phase 2 by Xylo Ziko

01 Aug 2018 ·
Miniepisode 2: Sweet Dreams

Not everyone on the base sleeps well at night. Music Credits: Aqua Marianas Theme by Introspeck Gamelanman by Pedro Santiago If you enjoy Aqua... more

01 Jun 2018 · 11 minutes
The Modern-Day Atlantis

Before the mission comes the hiring. A peek into the crew's lives on dry land. Music Credits: Aqua Marianas Theme by Introspeck You... more

13 May 2018 · 23 minutes
Everything Is Going To Be Fine

Lillian's attempt to make the base more efficient doesn't quite go according to plan. Music Credits: Aqua Marianas Theme by Introspeck I'm Here... more

31 Mar 2018 · 24 minutes
Home Base

Alex's first monthly psychological evaluation of the crew reveals absolutely nothing out of the ordinary, for a certain value of... more

01 Feb 2018 · 15 minutes
Mini Episode 1: Andrew Federman And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Andrew is having a bad day and he’s sure it has nothing to do with him. But something strange may... more

14 Jan 2018 · 9 minutes

Joanna just wants to do their experiments, but neither the others nor the specimens themselves feel like cooperating. Music Credits: Aqua... more

27 Dec 2017 · 26 minutes
Petulant Middle Schoolers

As they adjust to their new home and surroundings, the crew of Benthos Outpost realize that living together may be... more

29 Nov 2017 · 23 minutes
Aqua Marianas
Underwater Economic Disasters
Aqua Marianas