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The Biology of Superheroes Podcast
The Biology of Superheroes Podcast
Dr. Shane Campbell-Staton and Arien Darby

Superheroes and science fiction meet the cutting edge of biological sciences in this podcast. Where does the science meet the fiction? Listen... more

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Episode 16: Antman - The Biology of Ants

In this episode Shane and Arien discuss the insect arsenal of Scott Lang (Antman) and his predecessor, Dr. Hank Pym.... more

20 Jul 2020 · 53 minutes
Episode 15: Stranger Things - The Biology of The Upside Down

In this episode, we tackle the weird and otherworldly ecosystem of The Upside Down. Shane and Arien are joined in... more

27 Mar 2020 · 1 hour, 9 minutes
Episode 14: The Incredible Hulk (Part 2) - The Psychology of Stress

We’re bringing a close to 2019 by wrapping up our two-part series on the Incredible Hulk. We continue our conversation... more

16 Dec 2019 · 55 minutes
TBOSP Minisode 2: November 2019

In this minisode we wrap up November 2019 chatting about the latest and greatest in the world of comic books... more

02 Dec 2019 · 22 minutes
Episode 13: The Incredible Hulk (Part 1) - The Physiology of Stress

In the first part of this month's episode we explore Bruce Banner and The Incredible Hulk through the lens of... more

04 Nov 2019 · 47 minutes
TBOSP Minisode 1: October 2019

Shane and Arien catchup on what's new in the worlds of comic books and science, share reviews, and answer comic... more

15 Oct 2019 · 21 minutes
Episode 12: The Black Panther - Bio-Inspired Engineering and Genetics of Wakanda

In the Season 2 premiere we explore Black Panther and the world of Wakanda live at the 2019 International Wildlife... more

01 Oct 2019 · 47 minutes
The Biology of Superheroes Podcast Season 2 Promo

WE'RE BACK. Take a listen to get a sneak peak at what's in store for The Biology of Superheroes Podcast... more

24 Sep 2019 · 4 minutes
Episode 11: Game of Thrones - The Biology of Dragons

NO LAST SEASON SPOILERS! In this episode, we explore the biology of the dragons of Game of Thrones. We interview... more

26 May 2019 · 1 hour, 13 minutes
Episode 10: The Immortal Iron Fist - Biology of a Living Weapon

In this episode, we explore the biology of Danny Rand, AKA The Immortal Iron Fist! We dig into biomechanics of... more

17 Apr 2019 · 1 hour, 23 minutes
The Biology of Superheroes Podcast
Episode 16: Antman - The Biology of Ants
The Biology of Superheroes Podcast