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Museums in Strange Places
Museums in Strange Places
Hannah Hethmon

I believe that museums are one of the best ways to discover a place, whether it’s your first time visiting or you’ve... more

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Trailer: We the Museum

I always meant to get back into doing Museum in Strange Places episodes, but producing professionally as Better Lemon Creative... more

26 Jan 2023 · 2 minutes
BONUS: The Vagina Museum Podcast Trailer

One of the many projects I've been working on through my new production company (Better Lemon Creative Audio) is a... more

11 Mar 2020 · 2 minutes
BONUS: London is Ok I Guess

[A pilot for a new show I developed about living in London. I'm really proud of how it turned out,... more

13 Nov 2019 · 29 minutes
The (Pop-Up) Anti-Trump Museum of Atlantic City

Donald J. Trump has been active in business and media for fifty years, but his scandal-ridden presidency has overshadowed most... more

23 Sep 2019 · 24 minutes
Poe Belongs to Baltimore, Baltimore to Poe

He’s the master of macabre, the man who created mystery fiction, the face on the socks and beer bottles of... more

23 Jul 2019 · 39 minutes
Slavery in Maryland: Facing Our Whole History at Sotterley Plantation

So much of Maryland was built on the back of enslaved Africans, yet it’s easy to avoid confronting the history... more

01 Jul 2019 · 44 minutes
Museum on Main Street: A Love Letter to Small-Town America (02/09)

About half of all museums in the US are in small towns in rural America. Each of these museums holds... more

18 Jun 2019 · 40 minutes
Baltimore’s Jewish Roots ft. Harry Houdini (S02/E08)

What do Baltimore, Russian Jews, the third oldest synagogue in America, Eastern European Catholics, seances, and Harry Houdini have in... more

24 Apr 2019 · 43 minutes
Why We Work: Improving the Way Museums Work at The Baltimore Museum of Industry (S02/E07)

S02/E07: Located in a waterfront 1860s oyster cannery in the Baltimore Harbor, The Baltimore Museum of Industry is trying to... more

28 Feb 2019 · 31 minutes
A Secular Gathering Place: The Sandy Spring Museum (S02/E06)

The Sandy Spring Museum describes itself as “community-activated.” They want to be a secular gathering places, where people of different... more

30 Jan 2019 · 29 minutes
Museums in Strange Places
Trailer: We the Museum
Museums in Strange Places