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May 21, 2020 46 min

STI Check Update – Part One

Cal and Michael sit down with Nurse Practitioner at Thorne Harbour Healths Centre Clinic, PRONTO! and Equinox Daniel Sankar to cover the basics of sexually transmitted infections. This week we're covering the big hitters including HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhoea and syphilis. We're getting down to the basics of each STI to discuss how they are transmitted, and how we can look after ourselves by testing and treating them if they pop up. Tune in next week on Well Well Well for some of the lesser known or lesser talked about STIs you might want too keep on your sexual health radar. … This show originally aired Thursday 21st May 2020. Grab this and other podcasts from the Well, Well, Well team on iTunes | Spotify | or your favourite podcast platform – or head to joy.org.au/wellwellwell Head to www.thorneharbour.org for more information about Thorne Harbour’s LGBTI health and well-being services … …
May 14, 2020 54 min

National Volunteers Week & AIDS Candlelight Memorial

This week Cal and Michael dial in with Phil Carswell, the inaugural President of the Victorian AIDS Council (now Thorne Harbour Health) to discuss the very first AIDS Candlelight Memorial - and the importance of understanding and remembering our HIV history. We take a moment to reflect on Patti LaBelle's Oh, People. The memorial will connect us digitally on Sunday 17th May 5-6pm. Head to Living Positive Victoria's website for more details Later, we connect t with two Thorne Harbour Health volunteers, Alberto and Andrew in the lead up to National Volunteers Week next week. They share with us how they are staying actively engaged in their volunteer roles during COVID, and what motivates them to volunteer with Thorne Harbour. Before we sign off we discuss some changes (and possible hurdles) to PrEP access and look forward to getting physical again as restrictions start to ease in Victoria. Volunteer with Thorne Harbour Health The AIDS Candlelight Memorial Rainbow Connections at Thorne Harbour Health Queer Fiction in Strange Times - LGBTI Women's writing workshop: Sunday May 17 Conquering COVID: Starting May 19 … This show originally aired Thursday 14th May 2020. Grab this and other podcasts from the Well, Well, Well team on iTunes | Spotify | or your favourite podcast platform – or head to joy.org.au/wellwellwell Head to www.thorneharbour.org for more information about Thorne Harbour’s LGBTI health and well-being services
May 07, 2020 48 min

Rainbow Carers

Michael and Cal sat down to chat with Stephanie Worsteling - General Manager Carer and Community Services at Carers Victoria. We discuss hoe people in caregiving positions are navigating COVID-19 restrictions. Stephanie highlights how PLHIV and LGBTI people make up the ~700,000 carers in Victoria, and the unique challenges for queer carers. … … Some things we discussed this week: Carers Gateway Support for Carers 'Conversations With Carers' Zoom videocast Carers Victoria + LGBTI Carers information Positive Caring Handbook via Living Positive Victoria Conquering COVID Rainbow Connection service …
Apr 30, 2020 49 min

Cyber Safety

Michael and Cal chat with Security Engineer Al Weddell about the new COVIDSAFE app, and cybersecurity as we increase our digital presence in virtual times. Signal app Using Technology during COVID-19 … … …
Apr 23, 2020 55 min


It's that time of year! Radiothon is an integral part of keeping Well Well Well on air each and every week to discuss the sexual health, mental health, and general health and well-being of our LGBTI communities. More from This week we connect with some JOY volunteers and presenters from other programs to discuss the importance of LGBTI media - particularly in these unprecedented and uncertain times. Sign up or renew as a JOY member, donate, or subscribe now by heading to joy.org.au/radiothon … … More from Amelia on Triple Bi-Pass More from Dee on Pop Queers More from Justin on Lose Control More from Venetia on Living in the 70's More from Liam on JOY Eurovision and Babble POP …
Apr 16, 2020 48 min

Flu Season and Reducing Social Isolation

As we creep into the cooler months, we're thinking about what the current COVID-19 climate means for our upcoming flu season. How to the flu and COVID-19 interact, and when should you get vaccinated? Associate Professor Joe Sasadeusz, Infectious Diseases Physician with the Peter Doherty Institute and the Royal Melbourne Hospital joins Michael and Cal this week. We talk the flu vax, coronavirus, pneumonia, and....eggs? Later we are joined by Thorne Harbour Health's Director of Services Carolyn Gillespie to talk about an exciting new announcement from Thorne Harbour increasing social connection in our communities during isolation. We're constantly updating information for our LGBTI communities on our COVID-19 hub page, including recently information for; family violence services, trans and gender divers people, queer women, and of course videos from Dr. George Forgan-Smith Smith. Check that all out at thorneharbour.org/covid19 …
Apr 08, 2020 57 min

The Great Indoors

Michael and Cal talk about keeping social, keeping active, and keeping entertained in isolation. We talk with Bowie Stover from Fearless Movement Co about ways to keep physically fit and healthy while in lockdown. Next, Dean Arcuri joins us to talk about ways to keep up social engagement with queer online events. We also chat with Spiro Economopolous - Program Director for Melbourne Queer Film Festival about staying entertained while staying in. Some stuff we talked about Tubi TV (free) Kanopy media - (free with a library card or academics)
Apr 02, 2020 52 min

Mental health and wellbeing while distancing

Michael and Cal are back with you this week as we continue our exploration of sexual health, mental health, and the general health & wellbeing of our LGBTI communities. As we move further into practicing good physical distancing - we're taking a look at how we can look after ourselves and each other while we're at home. We check in with Thorne Harbour Health CEO Simon Ruth about how the organisation has been responding to communities concerns about what COVID-19 means for us. We touch base with Thorne Harbour Health Manager of Therapeutic Services & Capacity Building, Venetia Brissenden. Venetia helps us explore ways to keep calm and carry on whether working from home, out of work, or caring for ourselves and loved ones. … Check in, and check out: Thorne Harbour Health COVID-19 information for our PLHIV and LGBTI communities Thorne Harbour Health's services update during COVID-19 … Switchboard Victoria and QLife Headspace - guided meditation and mindfulness app Insight Timer - sleep, anxiety, and mindfulness app Smiling Mind - mindfulness app
Mar 25, 2020 46 min

Trans Day of Visibility

Trans Day of Visibility is coming March 31! Our communities have our minds all over the place at the moment, but we're taking the time to ensure this day doesn't get lost in the sauce - and our community takes the time to be visible. Michael And Cal talk with JOY mainstay Michelle "Mama Mish" Sheppard and Anastasia Le from Trans POV on JOY. We're highlighting what Trans Day of Visibility means to both as visible (and audible!) trans women on JOY. We touch on the topical subject of employment for trans folk, and inventive ways to keep up visibility at a time when much of our attention is elsewhere. Thorne Harbour Health needs you! Tell us how you are maintaining your sexual wellbeing during COVID-19. Tell us how you are staying protected while getting down an' dirty. Email your tips and tricks anonymously to [email protected] and we'll be partnering with local gay GP Dr. George Forgan-Smith Smith to respond in video to your suggestions! … Check out some great Trans, gender diverse, and non-binary radio as part of the JOY Family! Trans POV, The Gender Agenda, and Transgender Warriors on JOY! With TDOV events cancelled or postponed, you can engage with the day via the Facebook live event Trans Pride Live-streamed Solidarity Cabaret Fitted For Work Follow the hashtags #VisibilityBeyondIsolation #DefyingTheDistance #VisibilityConnects and of course #TransDayOfVisibility …
Mar 19, 2020 49 min

Sex, Intimacy, and COVID 19

We are keeping our distance this week! How do we keep up active and healthy sexual lives in the midst of the current climate? First up, we chat with Bryony Cole from Future of Sex about tech solutions for physically isolating, but remaining socially and sexually connected at this time. We're chatting with sex worker Max Arion about the impact of COVID-19 on our sex worker populations, and how innovative tech can support everyone in our community. Lastly - we touch base with Associate Professor Edwina Wright about transmission of COVID-19 in intimate settings, and what to consider when minimising our risk. We cover a lot of great resources this week The Future of Sex Lover app Sex, Intimacy, and Coronavirus on Thorne Harbour The Cock Destroyers Teach Sex Ed on YouTube Kirroo designer sex toys Scarlet Alliance - Australian Sex Workers Association is the national peak sex worker organisation in Australia. … …
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