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Method Podcast from Google Design
Method Podcast from Google Design
Google Design

The Method podcast profiles designers at Google, giving listeners an inside look at their journeys and design choices.

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Maggie Stanphill, Digital Wellbeing

Maggie Stanphill, Director of UX at Google talks about her efforts in Digital Wellbeing. How this became a focus in... more

14 Nov 2019 · 26 minutes
Google UX Interns

Garrett Tolbert, Andrea Davila, and Alex Lim talk to us about life as a Google UX intern. This episode is all... more

17 Sep 2019 · 29 minutes
Emily Blank – Material Design Art Director

What does the term “creative collaboration” mean to you? What do you need to consider when the things you create... more

20 Aug 2019 · 18 minutes
Philip Battin & Curtis Flanagan, Seed Studio

From prototyping futures to designing artifacts solely for discussion, tune in to explore the idiosyncratic—but important—field of speculative design. In... more

25 Jun 2019 · 26 minutes
The Google UX Hiring Process

In this episode, host Travis Neilson talks with Google Design Manager Mike Buzzard about the seven phases of the Google... more

28 May 2019 · 18 minutes
Roxanne Pinto, Google Flights

In this episode, host Travis Neilson interviews Roxanne Pinto, a content strategist at Google, about the role of UX writing... more

23 Apr 2019 · 20 minutes
Matthew Levine, Gallery (Passion Projects)

From scaling an idea into a viable product to building a design tool that optimizes collaboration with developers, tune in... more

19 Mar 2019 · 17 minutes
Adrienne Klum & Spencer Syfrig, Practicing Playful Creation (Passion Projects)

In part two of our series on passion projects, host Travis Neilson interviews two Google UX designers to discuss their... more

12 Mar 2019 · 8 minutes
Adam Argyle, VisBug (Passion Projects)

From envisioning creative tools to helping new UXers navigate the developing world, tune in to part one of our three-part... more

05 Mar 2019 · 32 minutes
Isabelle Olsson, Google Hardware

In this special crossover episode, Google Method shares an interview from Design Notes—a show about creative work and what it... more

05 Feb 2019 · 24 minutes
Method Podcast from Google Design
Maggie Stanphill, Digital Wellbeing
Method Podcast from Google Design