Amplify Your Business with Matt J Hanham

Amplify Your Business with Matt J Hanham

Matt J Hanham
Jul 07, 2020 35 min

How to Scale A Business and Sell Like Crazy - with Petar Lackovic

Founder of The Sales Institute and Principle Growth Expert at The Entourage, sales guru Petar Lackovic has been changing businesses all around Australia for many years, helping them reach unprecedented growth. He shares his unique sales approach on today’s episode of Amplify Your Business!
Jan 28, 2020 38 min

A Phone Call with Ryan Serhant

Famed real estate broker and star of the hit reality show “Million Dollar Property” Ryan Serhant has been working in the extremely competitive housing market of New York City for the past 15 years and has learned a thing or two as a result about how to keep ahead of his 80,000 competitors in New York alone.
Jan 08, 2020 50 min

Leading Women with Sarah Blackah

Sarah Blackah is an international speaker and intuitive female leadership mentor who organises female leadership retreats and workshops around the world. For Sarah, helping women achieve their joy states and not feel constricted by the quest for perfection is what she’s all about.
Dec 18, 2019 54 min

Talking Systems and Beers with Scott Gellatly

If you’ve listened to the show before then you’ll know who Scott Gellatly is. Mostly because Scott is the founder and CEO of Scale My Empire, a business consultancy specialising in growth management and system creation...and also because Matt won’t stop talking about him.
Dec 04, 2019 1 hr 7 min

Jumping Fences with Karolyn Zinetti

From jumping fences to attend parties with Richard Branson to studying natural medicine before it was cool, Karolyn Zinetti is the Founder of The Limitless Abundance Movement and Leader of the High Vibe Tribe. She’s lived her life on her own terms and this week on Amplify Your Business, she speaks to Matt about how to forge your own path and take the risks you need to get what you want.
Aug 20, 2019 21 min

You're Not Alone (Advice for Entrepreneurs)

Are you new to the entrepreneur game? You might be feeling the pinch of loneliness by now. This week on Amplify Your Business with Matt J Hanham I share how you can get out of your rut, and start becoming more active on your entrepreneurial journey.
Aug 06, 2019 16 min

Business Is Going To Look SO DIFFERENT In 2070

Working in an office could be obsolete by 2070. This week I explore the future of business and what it will look like to own a business in 2070, and what you can do now to prepare your business for future technology.
Jul 30, 2019 47 min

FEATURING Simple Minds Podcast: Case for TV Dads

It's safe to say that Dads in the media get a bad rap, from Homer Simpson strangling Bart to the man-child that is Phil Dunphy in Modern Family. In this episode, Matt J Hanham is joined by the lads of the Simple Minds Podcast to dive into these portrayals and discuss whether they have affected their relationships with their kids and how they perceive themselves as Dads.
Jul 23, 2019 16 min

Swipe Right on The Future of Networking

Did you know that Bumble has a BUSINESS networking dating style app called Bumble Bizz? How did we get here? This week on Amplify Your Business with Matt J Hanham I explore what networking looked like in the past and what it’ll look like in the future. Learn how to make genuine connections in this digital world.
Jul 16, 2019 17 min

Breaking Down the BEST Morning Routines

Never underestimate the power of a good morning routine. If you’re immersed in the self-help and the entrepreneurial community you’ll be familiar with the power of morning routines and why the Greats swear by it. This week on Amplify Your Business I unpack the morning routines of Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss. Oprah Winfrey and Jocko Willink and get to the bottom of what the BEST morning routine looks like.