Creative Confidence Podcast

Creative Confidence Podcast

Jul 09, 2020 13 min

Office Hours: Women in Design with Robin and Suzanne

In a candid webinar hosted by the Design & Innovation Group, our own IDEO U Dean Suzanne Gibbs Howard spoke with her friend Robin Beers, Head of Customer Research and Experience Design at Wells Fargo, about the importance of representation of women in the design industry. They share insights and tips for how women can support each other and navigate challenges in the workplace. View the full recap at
Jun 26, 2020 46 min

Organizational Change Moves Fast and Slow: Bob Sutton

Successful change efforts don’t happen at one speed. Change requires momentum and moderation at different points in the journey. In this episode of the Creative Confidence Podcast, Bob joins us to offer insights from his book Scaling Up Excellence: Getting More Without Settling for Less about how leaders can successfully drive organizational change by knowing when and how to pump the brakes and when to put the pedal to the metal. View the full recap at
Jun 05, 2020 42 min

Nudge Towards Better Behaviors: Laszlo Bock

Regardless of role, work can suck sometimes. Laszlo Bock, CEO and Co-Founder of Humu, a company that aims to make work better by encouraging people towards better habits and unlocking their potential, is focused on changing that. He’s dedicated the last decade of his career to bridging the gap between what we wish work was and what it actually is. In this episode of the Creative Confidence Podcast, he shares insights and tips on how we can make work better by sending small behavioral nudges to cultivate more empathy, equity, and resilience in the office. View the full recap at
May 08, 2020 36 min

Mom-Led Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Kate Torgersen

Starting a business from scratch is already an admirable undertaking. Now, try starting a business while breastfeeding 7-month-old twins, raising a toddler, and traveling for a full-time job. That’s exactly what Kate Torgersen did when she founded Milk Stork, the first breast milk travel solution for working moms. Now six years old, Milk Stork has helped thousands of working moms get their "liquid gold"​ home safely from business trips and is offered as an employee benefit by many large companies. Coe sat down with Kate for a candid conversation to celebrate Mother’s Day and honor working moms. View the full recap at
May 05, 2020 41 min

Mindsets of Resilient Entrepreneurs: Alexandre Lazarow

What can we learn in this moment from global entrepreneurs who are embracing constraints to build resilient, impactful businesses? Alexandre Lazarow, author of the new book Out-Innovate: How Global Entrepreneurs—from Delhi to Detroit—Are Rewriting the Rules of Silicon Valley, joined us to discuss the ways entrepreneurs around the world are shifting their mindsets around business innovation and what you can take away from their approach. View the full recap at
Apr 14, 2020 42 min

Design Thinking AMA with Suz & Coe

What is design thinking? Why does it work? How do I get started with it? Our community had so many great questions on the power and potential of design thinking that we hosted an Ask Me Anything session on the topic with IDEO partners and IDEO U leaders Suzanne Gibbs Howard and Coe Leta Stafford. View the full recap at
Apr 03, 2020 44 min

Our New Remote Reality: Sacha Connor

In this episode of the Creative Confidence Podcast, Sacha shares 10 pitfalls to look out for when working remotely and strategies for success. View the full recap at
Feb 27, 2020 44 min

Build Confidence in Your Strategy: Jennifer Riel

Testing might sound like a very analytical activity, but it’s actually one of the most creative things you can do when developing a strategy for your business or organization. In this conversation, Jennifer Riel, IDEO’s Global Director of Strategy, breaks down ways to test your assumptions, build confidence, and weed out poor choices before rolling out a new strategy. View the full recap at
Feb 24, 2020 2 min

Impactful Presentations Online Course: Launches February 27th

In our new 5-week online course, Impactful Presentations, you’ll learn how to: –Deliver presentations that spark a shift in perspectives. –Create a meaningful journey for your audience. –Practice with different presentation methods. Learn more here:
Feb 18, 2020 44 min

How to Be a Better Presenter: Dav Rauch

IDEO’s Dav Rauch explains why it’s important to connect with your audience as a presenter and how to get them in the right mindset to be open to new ideas. He shares techniques you can use to be a better presenter and help people retain the information you share. View the full recap at