Creative Confidence Podcast

Creative Confidence Podcast

Apr 03, 2020 44 min

Our New Remote Reality: Sacha Connor

In this episode of the Creative Confidence Podcast, Sacha shares 10 pitfalls to look out for when working remotely and strategies for success. View the full recap at
Feb 27, 2020 44 min

Build Confidence in Your Strategy: Jennifer Riel

Testing might sound like a very analytical activity, but it’s actually one of the most creative things you can do when developing a strategy for your business or organization. In this conversation, Jennifer Riel, IDEO’s Global Director of Strategy, breaks down ways to test your assumptions, build confidence, and weed out poor choices before rolling out a new strategy. View the full recap at
Feb 24, 2020 2 min

Impactful Presentations Online Course: Launches February 27th

In our new 5-week online course, Impactful Presentations, you’ll learn how to: –Deliver presentations that spark a shift in perspectives. –Create a meaningful journey for your audience. –Practice with different presentation methods. Learn more here:
Feb 18, 2020 44 min

How to Be a Better Presenter: Dav Rauch

IDEO’s Dav Rauch explains why it’s important to connect with your audience as a presenter and how to get them in the right mindset to be open to new ideas. He shares techniques you can use to be a better presenter and help people retain the information you share. View the full recap at
Jan 30, 2020 44 min

Designing Your Work Life: Bill Burnett

In the #1 New York Times bestselling book Designing Your Life, Bill Burnett and his co-author Dave Evans showed us how design thinking can help us create a life that is both meaningful and fulfilling. With their second book, Designing Your Work Life, they zero in on finding happiness at work. In this episode of the Creative Confidence Podcast, Bill gives advice on how to assess the potential of your current career and shares ways to redesign and re-engage with your job. View the full recap at
Jan 14, 2020 46 min

Generating Better Ideas: Brendan Boyle

Brendan Boyle, IDEO partner and founder of the IDEO Play Lab, joined us on the Creative Confidence Podcast to share how to bring more playfulness into your work. Get into a creative mindset and generate an abundance of new ideas with his favorite creative warm ups and group activities. See more on the IDEO U blog.
Jan 10, 2020 43 min

Effective Storytelling at Work: Zena Barakat & Brian Janosch

Resident IDEO storytellers Zena Barakat and Brian Janosch talk about the importance of stories in the world of business and innovation. Learn how to get started weaving stories into your work today with real life examples and tips for using stories in common business scenarios. Learn how to create a story brief, explore different mediums, and create multiple versions of your story to gather feedback from others in our 5-week online course Storytelling for Influence:
Dec 17, 2019 45 min

Bringing out Creativity in Others: Rochael Adranly

Rochael Adranly, IDEO partner and general counsel, has spent her career finding the balance between the rules-based world of law and the ambiguous, non-rules-based world of design. In this Creative Confidence Podcast episode, she shares how to bring out the natural creativity in others and encourage colleagues to be your partners in innovation—instead of your roadblocks.
Dec 02, 2019 45 min

Identifying Business Potential: Kanyi Maqubela

As a venture capital investor at Collaborative Fund and Kindred Ventures, Kanyi Maqubela has invested in dozens of companies—including Lyft, Kickstarter, Beyond Meat, and Blue Bottle Coffee—and evaluated hundreds more. He seeks out founders and businesses that are not only addressing a market need, but have the potential to reinvent our future. In this episode of our Creative Confidence Podcast, he shares the elements he looks for to signal a strong business idea, an impactful leader, and a collaborative team. Build your leadership abilities in our course Leading for Creativity, and learn how to design prototypes to test and iterate business ideas in Designing a Business:
Nov 18, 2019 36 min

People and Culture at Scale: Margo Downs

People and culture leader Margo Downs joined us for an episode of the Creative Confidence Series to share lessons learned from her years as a leader in people operations at Stitch Fix, Starbucks, and lululemon athletica—companies well known for their distinctive cultures. We dove into the building blocks of culture, her framework for operationalizing culture at scale, and how to impact culture regardless of your seniority or title.