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Science Solved It
Science Solved It

A deep dive into the world's greatest mysteries that were solved by science. Brought to you by Motherboard and staff writer Kaleigh... more

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Introducing "Chapo," a New Podcast From VICE News

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30 Oct 2018 · 3 minutes
[BONUS] Introducing Queerly Beloved

If you've been enjoying Science Solved It, we think you'll also love our newest VICE podcast, Queerly Beloved. Queerly Beloved ​is... more

12 Sep 2018 · 20 minutes
Blood Falls

In the heart of Antarctica, a blood red waterfall pours out of a glacier and cascades down 100 feet. It... more

07 Aug 2018 · 21 minutes
The Doctor Who Drank Bacteria

For more than a century, doctors believed they understood the cause of stomach ulcers: stress. But in the 1980s, one... more

31 Jul 2018 · 18 minutes
The Devil’s Kettle

In northern Minnesota, a waterfall splits in two. One half tumbles over the edge and continues down the river, the... more

24 Jul 2018 · 19 minutes
The Scuba Diving Flies

In Mono Lake, California, tiny flies have developed a unique ability: they can swim underwater, thanks to a scuba-suit-like bubble... more

17 Jul 2018 · 20 minutes
An Ancient Star that Took 600 Years to Explain

Korean royal astrologers saw a new star appear in the sky in 1437 AD, and it took 600 years for astronomers... more

10 Jul 2018 · 21 minutes
The Kentucky Meat Shower

On March 3, 1876, chunks of meat fell from the sky in Olympia Springs, Kentucky. The locals came up with... more

03 Jul 2018 · 20 minutes

Season Two of Science Solved It kicks off with a pernicious conspiracy theory: chemtrails. This theory won't die, even though... more

26 Jun 2018 · 20 minutes
Introducing Science Solved It: Season 2

Season two of Science Solved It debuts on Tuesday, June 26. Subscribe now so you stay updated on every new... more

22 Jun 2018 · 1 minute
Science Solved It
Introducing "Chapo," a New Podcast From VICE News
Science Solved It