Success with JoDee Kenney

Success with JoDee Kenney

JoDee Kenney
Aug 05, 2020 22 min

E57: 7bTips to Pivot w/Grace

We are all have feelings of uncertainty and now more than ever people are considering pivoting in their life to pursue their true passions. How can you do it with grace and why is it so important to follow your passion. In this episode JoDee offers 7 Tips to Pivot with Grace. She shares her personal struggles and how she's found a way to not only work through them but flourish and find a higher purpose that she hopes will serve others. Connect with JoDee: TikTok @JoDeeKenney Snapchat @JoDeeKenney
Apr 07, 2020 18 min

E56: Depression, Distancing, COVID. Strategies to move forward amid chaos.

In this episode JoDee shares her more vulnerable side as she reveals recent developments in her life that have caused her to go silent for a while. She also talks about how COVID-19 is impacting us all and in a day and age of social distancing how we can maintain control of some aspects of our life even thought it seems as if our lives are out of control. Raw, revealing, and relieved to be back -- JoDee, now more than ever, realizes the value of sharing her thought leadership. Connect with JoDee: TikTok @JoDeeKenney Snapchat @JoDeeKenney
Nov 20, 2019 3 min

E52: How to be an Amazing Podcast Guest w/Interview Valet

Want to be an amazing podcast guest? Are you looking for that amazing podcast guest? Find out from Money Windsor Cummings the secret sauce to guest success and how Interview Valet pairs great guests with powerful podcasts. Connect with us: JoDee: TikTok @JoDeeKenney Snapchat @JoDeeKenney Interview Valet: [email protected]
Oct 24, 2019 10 min

E51: JoDee's Biggest Takeaways From She Podcasts Convention that YOU can benefit from

JoDee heads to Atlanta, Georgia to speak on two panels at the She Podcasts convention, a gathering of 700 women podcasters. JoDee talks about what it's like to be a part of history to be a speaker at the organization's first ever convention. There are some big takeaways that translate to any industry, any woman. -seize opportunities -get out of your comfort zone -benefits of continuous learning -power of conventions -take risks Connect with us: JoDee: TikTok @JoDeeKenney Snapchat @JoDeeKenney Pamela Smith's podcast: You know I love you Yang! Erica Courdae & India Jackson's podcast: Ladies thank you for including me on the pitch for the social media panel! Christine's podcast: She Podcasts:
Oct 17, 2019 6 min

E50: 3 Reasons Why Going Live on Social Media = Success w/Roshanda Pratt

Roshanda Pratt of "The Rosho Live" talks about why going live on social media can help you take your brand to the next level. Learn more about why it helps people to know, like and trust you more and how it helps people to get to know the real you! Connect with us: JoDee: Success Sisters: Roshanda
Sep 29, 2019 44 min

E49: Podcast Takeover- JoDee Gets Interviewed

Wonder what JoDee is like in her personal time, why volunteerism means so much to her, who her inspiration is, and more? JoDee turned the microphone over to her Biz Bestie Miranda VonFricken and got in the interviewee seat! Miranda asks JoDee some interesting questions and gets new insight into how she works. She also stumps JoDee on one particular question. Can you guess what it is? Also stay until the very end for a special announcement about a new collaboration between Miranda and JoDee that's going to leave you wanting even more! Connect with us:
Sep 22, 2019 11 min

E48: College admissions advice from expert Dr. Deborah Bedor

Looking for advice on how to help your child get into college? Are you a high school senior wondering how you will stand out? This interview is with one of the foremost experts on college admissions. Dr. Deborah Bedor is the author of "Getting in by Standing Out" and she is here to calm nerves and encourage greatness for those high school seniors and loving parents! Connect w/ me: Success Sisters Community:
Sep 01, 2019 11 min

E47: 3 Ways to Know if Your Side Hustle can be a Full-time Gig w/Taylor K. Shaw

Taylor K. Shaw of Black Women Animate talks about how to turn your side hustle into a full-time gig. She addresses what 3 steps you need to take to evaluate if you even should take the leap into entrepreneurship. 1- Is it a hobby or a job. Does it have the potential to make money. 2- Are you willing to put in the "not so sexy" work to make this a business? 3- Is there a need for what you are trying to do? She offers a counter narrative to the advice of just go for what you love. Taylor also talks about why she took the jump even before she was ready and it's not because she wanted to. She talks about worth and how women need to own their prices and not devalue their worth. Connect with us: Join my email list: Join our private Facebook Group Success Sisters: Email Taylor: [email protected]
Aug 24, 2019 14 min

E46: 8 Tips to Stay Relevant in Your Career w/Tamron Hall

Talk Show Host Tamron Hall speaks to the National Association of Black Journalists in Miami Florida about her ups and downs and perseverance. In her question and answer session, I asked her how to stay relevant as you age in your career field. Her answers will inspire you. Hall's new show "The Tamron Hall Show" debuts 9/9/19. Share the love and support her!
Jul 14, 2019 1 hr 0 min

E45: How to foster perseverance in children w/ Lisa Rossi

On the road in Lowell Massachusettes, we speak with Lisa Rossi of the Congress of Future Medical Leaders convention. Learn: How to foster perseverance in children How to influence a children's future How a mostly women-run organization thrives Connect with us: Join our private Facebook group "Success Sisters"