Veterans In Business Show with James Van Prooyen

Veterans In Business Show with James Van Prooyen

James Van Prooyen
Jul 06, 2020 39 min

Veterans In Business Show 45: John Currie of Semper Savage

John is a Marine veteran who served twenty three years as a pilot. He currently is serving now in a different capacity as he works for the State Department in Iraq. He has a great life story and it was such an honor to get to hear John tell about what he has taken with him and all he has given to others in his service to date. His love for great salad dressing and his finding there just wasn't very good options for good salad dressing led him to create his own. Semper Savage was born. John says he is on a global crusade to bring great tasting, homemade salad dressing to the World.
Jun 30, 2020 44 min

Veterans In Business Show 44: Greg Gregorian of Lunar Branding

Greg, a West Point Army graduate and veteran, discovered his aha moment in business when he found an idea around his own product in the area of promotional products. His story is one of persistence and determination. Greg founded Lunar Branding LLC to provide quality and unique promotional products and services for any companies target market.
May 26, 2020 36 min

Veterans In Business Show 42: Laura Noel of Stretch Into Success

Laura retired from the United States Air Force at the rank of CMSgt after almost 28 years! Shortly before leaving the Air Force, Laura started preparing to both a leadership and personal growth coach. She has done so much in her life already and used her background and experience to move into business for herself. She is a certified Proctor Gallagher Coach, and has helped over a 100 CEO's, Executives, and Entreprenuer's live a more focused life.
May 11, 2020 29 min

Veterans In Business Show 41: Heather Hargrove of Digital Warrior HQ

Heather, an Army veteran is a very self motivated action taker! After leaving the Army, she took a few different jobs that were sales related. She started thinking about doing her own business while at a marketing event put on by ClickFunnels founder, Russel Brunson. Heather around this time started getting used to being on video by getting help from her daughter on the social media app, Tic Toc. She has really enjoyed learning how and helping others create and implement sales funnels and growth hacking for business. She is someone who just kind of figures it out. She created the community around this she calls Digital Warrior HQ.
Apr 27, 2020 51 min

Veterans In Business Show 40: William Huff Jr. of Bald Guy Enterprises, Inc.

William is a Marine veteran who started off in business by opening a Martial Arts Gym in Southern California. He credits his work ethic and strong desire to learn anything fast and then quickly implement to his business success. William then moved into understanding marketing and opened up his own business helping other small businesses with both their Search Engine Optimization as well as other marketing practices. There are a lot of lessons we talk about that he has and continues to learn to make a difference in business and life.
Apr 13, 2020 31 min

Veterans In Business Show 39: David Pere of From Military to Millionaire

David is an Active Duty Marine, and is also the founder of From Military to Millionaire. From Military to Millionaire is all about helping provide training and resources for military and veterans to be able to build wealth through real estate investing, entrepreneurship, and understanding personal finance. David has bought and sold over 50 rental units since 2015. He has purchased a house hack, apartment, mixed-use building, house flip(s), raw land, and is working on his first apartment syndication!
Mar 24, 2020 25 min

Veterans In Business Show 38: Zack A Knight of Knight Protection Services

Zack served in Atlanta as a police officer. He later decided he wanted to join the Army National Guard and further serve. Through a situation that happened as a police officer, Zack decided to start a business to solve a problem that he saw. The business he founded in 2017, Knight Protection Services LLC, was started out of seeing the need to protect personal property and do a better job at serving personal security and home protection services. Zack was sent to Afghanistan shortly after starting the business and has learned a lot through managing a business while serving the country at the same time.
Feb 18, 2020 37 min

Veterans In Business Show 37: Brandon Wong of Faucet Marketing

Jan 27, 2020 49 min

Veterans In Business Show 36: Jonathon Bates of Executive Operation Designs

Jonathon Bates, Active Duty Navy and business owner talks about how he got started in business and the importance of systems and processes. He has served 24 years in the Navy and has launched multiple businesses in this time period.
Jan 14, 2020 29 min

Veterans In Business Show 35: Jacob Levin of Ulysses Training

Jacob levin joined the Army as an Infantry Officer. His military service was cut short by an injury sustained in a car accident. He used fitness to get healthy. He spent time as a firefighter and used this time as well to get into better physical shape. Through mentors and fellow trainers, Jacob decided to start his own business around fitness and personal training, specifically focusing on taking it online.