The Jump

The Jump

ESPN, Rachel Nichols
May 29, 2020 22 min

Step By Step

Rachel Nichols talks with Mark Cuban and Woj regarding the latest on returning to play. Plus, Richard Jefferson and Kendrick Perkins react to "Skinny James Harden" photos.
May 28, 2020 22 min

Ready To Play?

Rachel Nichols, Richard Jefferson and Zach Lowe preview the NBA GM's meeting, how upcoming free agents should weigh their return to play, discuss Dame's MVP and more NBA topics.
May 27, 2020 22 min

Speaking Out

Rachel Nichols, Paul Pierce and Jay Williams discuss how the athletic world is speaking out on the death of George Floyd. Plus, a conversation with Fred VanVleet and more NBA topics.
May 26, 2020 22 min

In Contention

Rachel Nichols, Kendrick Perkins and Brian Windhorst react to Damian Lillard's comments about not playing unless the Blazers are in playoff contention, how the playoff seeding could work and more NBA topics!
May 25, 2020 22 min

Crowd Noise?

Rachel Nichols, Paul Pierce and Brian Windhorst discuss the latest on returning to play, their favorite ECF game, and if empty arenas should have crowd noise. Plus more!
May 22, 2020 22 min

Past Versus Future

Rachel Nichols, Paul Pierce and Richard Jefferson react to a potential Bradley Beal to the Nets move, MJ's stint on the Wizards, Dream Team vs. Redeem Team and a tribute to Jerry Sloan.
May 21, 2020 22 min

Coming Soon

Rachel Nichols, Kendrick Perkins and Zach Lowe react to the June 1st NBA guidelines, James Harden and Jared Dudley's comments about returning and more. Plus, we talk with Penny Hardaway.
May 20, 2020 22 min

The Mountain Top

Rachel Nichols, Kendrick Perkins and Jackie MacMullan react to Horace Grant's comments on 'The Last Dance', top 5 Celtics of all-time. Plus, a conversation with Doc Rivers and more NBA topics!
May 19, 2020 22 min

What Could've Been

Rachel Nichols, Jay Williams and Brian Windhorst discuss how LeBron nearly played in the NFL, the pressure for players to return and what NBA doc should be next. Plus, a conversation with prospect Tyrese Haliburton and more!
May 19, 2020 31 min

Episode Eleven - Reflecting on the The Last Dance

Jalen & Jacoby reflect on the entirety of The Last Dance with director Jason Hehir and discuss which stories Jason wishes they could've spent more time on, what it's like to ask people to relive their most difficult memories for the sake of the documentary, and Jacoby just can't let sleeping dogs lie when it comes to Jordan's hotel pizza. Plus, the guys unveil what's next for Jalen & Jacoby: The Aftershow.