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The Penumbra Podcast
The Penumbra Podcast
Sophie Takagi Kaner and Kevin Vibert

At the Penumbra, you might follow Juno Steel, a brooding, sharp-witted private eye on Mars, as he tangles with an elusive homme... more

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3.24: Second Citadel--Judgment of the Empire (Part 2)

The hour of judgment is upon the Second Citadel, and its self-appointed judge, jury, and executioner sharpens his blade in... more

22 Feb 2021 · 38 minutes
ANNOUNCEMENT: Our 5-YEAR ANNIVERSARY + Patreon Bonus Spectacular

Five years of the Penumbra Podcast is coming up on March 18th, 2021! Sophie and Kevin talk exciting announcements for... more

18 Feb 2021 · 9 minutes
3.23: Second Citadel--Judgment of the Empire (Part 1)

Sunset. The precise moment the Kite promised his assault on the Second Citadel would come. Two women now return to... more

26 Jan 2021 · 20 minutes
3.22: Juno Steel and What Lies Beyond (Part 2)

SUSPECT NAME: Juno Steel OCCUPATION: Former police detective and private investigator INCIDENT DETAILS: Found in possession of Class X radical (see form... more

05 Jan 2021 · 47 minutes
Holiday Special: The Miracle of Eight

In the days following the fall of the First Citadel, humanity's last survivors looked to their Saints for guidance through... more

15 Dec 2020 · 38 minutes
3.21: Juno Steel and What Lies Beyond (Part 1)

Juno Steel has been feeling a little out-of-body, lately. Kind of like... well, it's been so busy he hasn't even... more

24 Nov 2020 · 1 hour, 1 minute
3.20: Second Citadel--The Priestess' Fortune (Part 2)

In which boundaries magical and fatal are transgressed. Welcome to the Penumbra, dear Traveler. We hope you enjoy your journey. You can... more

10 Nov 2020 · 51 minutes
3.19: Second Citadel--The Priestess' Fortune (Part 1)

On the eve of the Kite's assault: a story of two awakenings. Welcome to the Penumbra, dear Traveler. We hope you... more

27 Oct 2020 · 34 minutes
3.18: Juno Steel and the Heart of It All (Part 2)

A legend can only die when the stories surrounding it stop being told. But a life, even one that generates... more

13 Oct 2020 · 53 minutes
3.17: Juno Steel and the Heart of It All (Part 1)

It's showtime -- and what a show lies ahead of us. Tonight we steal a legend, darlings, and no one... more

29 Sep 2020 · 38 minutes
The Penumbra Podcast
3.24: Second Citadel--Judgment of the Empire (Part 2)
The Penumbra Podcast