The Elemental Awakening

The Elemental Awakening

Giovanni Bartolomeo
Nov 28, 2020 36 min

EA Ep. 42 - The journey of an entrepreneur who changed software for bone broth

Justin Mares is the founder and CEO of Kettle & Fire, a company that specializes in bone broth simmered for over 20 hours, and co-founder of Perfect Keto, both successful businesses that aim to improve the health of their consumers. But before launching his business, he used to work for a software company. In this episode of the Elemental Awakening, Justin tells us why he left the tech industry and changed software for bone broth. We also cover interesting topics for entrepreneurs such as investing big on a product you are confident with, the challenges that emerge with scaling, and how implementing OKR's (Objectives and Key Results) can help high-growth companies scale and stay aligned with their mission. Make sure to check out Justin's newsletter The Next Brand at or his companies at and
Nov 20, 2020 58 min

EA Ep. 41 - Removing physical & emotional obstructions through dry fasting for healing

Gino Di Serio has dedicated his life to experiment and learn about different kinds of diets and fasts, through a painful path of trial and error, as well as self-awareness, he created the Master Fast System, a rigorous protocol to clear out obstructions in the body, both physically and emotionally for healing. In this conversation, he shares with us his journey experimenting with different eating protocols, some of them with painful consequences, and the process of refining the Master Fast System, as well some miraculous stories of healing and perseverance from people who have transformed their health through the MFS. We also delve a little bit into his philosophy and the spiritual beliefs behind his work with the MFS. If you want to try dry fasting or any protocol, make sure you start slow and have an expert supporting you to make sure you are doing so safely.
Nov 11, 2020 1 hr 7 min

EA Ep.40 - Breaking down your belief system and building up a new one

In this episode, I struggled to introduce my guest...the best I came up with when I sat with Joey Lundgreen is that he does 'life parkour'. Born into Mormonism and even spending a couple of years doing missionary work in Russia, he left the church after realizing he didn't believe in any of its core dogmas. What ensued was a long list of life-enriching and diverse experiences such as traveling in India, hanging out with homeless people in Colorado, trying psychedelics, and even running a cannabis-friendly-yoga practice. In this intimate and refreshing conversation, Joey opens up about growing up in the Mormon church, the difficult process of leaving, his adventures sleeping under a bridge and befriending homeless people, and his fascination with the book A Course in Miracles by Helen Schucman, sharing some of the wisdom contained in it.
Nov 04, 2020 1 hr 6 min

EA Ep.39 - Can technology and intuition hack our spiritual development

Guy Harriman is a healer, yogi, and practitioner of ancient disciplines like Chi Gong and Reiki, however, he's also a designer and inventor who worked in Silicon Valley next to figures like Steve Jobs. Through a combination of pursuing his passion for technology and following his intuition, Guy has been able to carve his own path of self-discovery and learning. In this conversation, he recounts his journey and shares with our audience the techniques and practices that have become an integral part of his life, as he shares outlooks on the spiritual journey itself and the current state of the world. To learn more about the Ajna light and more of Guy's initiatives visit his Ajna light community on Facebook at For a life-changing breathwork course, visit
Oct 28, 2020 34 min

EA Ep. 38 - Hypnosis can help you unlock your mind's power for joy & productivity with Erika Flint

Erika Flint is a certified hypnotherapist, author, and hypnosis advocate that helps her clients access the innermost hidden thoughts and beliefs about themselves that are preventing them from achieving their goals, and works with them to reprogram them, unlocking their full potential. In this talk, we learn about Erika's change of paths as she left her Silicon Valley software engineering job to pursue healing and battle her addiction to alcohol to developing her commitment to bettering herself using tools like hypnosis. She explains the many uses we can give to hypnosis in managing our weight, reprogram limiting beliefs that prevent us from going after what we want, and accessing the infinite source of creativity hidden away in the right hemisphere, awaiting discovery. She also shares with us some tools and resources to use hypnosis in our daily lives. Erika works with clients one-on-one and trains future hypnotherapists, for more information, check out her website at: #podcast #hypnosis
Oct 21, 2020 37 min

EA Ep. 37 - The awakening process is a journey and the map is within you

Mitra Politi is the Spiritual Director for Rhythmia Life Enhancement Center in Costa Rica. He is an acupuncturist, intuitive healer, and a practitioner of indigenous Colombian healing who also organizes retreats and participates in public speaking and coaching. In this conversation, Mitra relates his own experiences navigating his spiritual awakening journey and shares with our audiences great insights on methods to connect with your most authentic self, the importance of shedding some light on our shadow parts, and his take on religion vs spirituality. He recently published Insights. Steps to Truth, a collection of poems that reveal the path to light, life, renewal, and the truth at the core of it all. Available at, you can connect with Mitra at
Oct 14, 2020 45 min

EA Ep.36 - Life lessons I learned from bodybuilding with Ben Pakulski

Coach, speaker, and self-proclaimed 'bodybuilder yogi' Ben Pakulski talks about his journey becoming a professional bodybuilder and the lessons he learned along the way. In this conversation, we talked about achieving your goals, the mindset necessary to become stronger both physically and mentally, the six things under your control to achieve your desired body. We also delved into interesting topics such as dry fasting, minimalism, and getting rid of your possessions, and even the reasons for homeschooling your kids. Check out Ben's life-changing bodybuilding programs at Complement your weight training with an essential breathwork program. Visit to sign up for our 7-day free breathwork course to get started on your breathing journey. #bodybuilding #podcast
Oct 07, 2020 28 min

EA Ep.35 - How to navigate your spiritual awakening with Victor Oddo

Influencer and Youtuber Victor Oddo shares the details of his spiritual awakening and talks about devoting his life to help those navigate the often overwhelming process of awakening. In this talk, we cover interesting topics such as his Kundalini awakening, how to integrate a psychedelic experience, and how to follow your intuition. He also discusses his newest projects as he embarks on the journey of writing two books! Check out Victor's channel for more content on navigating your spiritual awakening and check him out on Instagram at @Victor Oddo Breathwork can be a great practice to accompany you in your awakening process, enroll in our 7-day free breath work course to learn more. #awakening #victoroddo
Sep 30, 2020 44 min

EA Ep.34 - Finding your body's blind spots with Dr. Winnie Siu

Dr. Siu is a neuropathic doctor who educates the public about the toxic substances in our environment, she is also a collaborator with the DNA Company which uses the power of functional genomics and DNA testing to reveal how each individuals body interacts with their environment to design a specific health plan to prevent disease and increase performance. In this chat, we explore the possibilities of DNA testing, the benefits compared to regular blood tests, the ways in which having information about your body can be used to optimize your diet or supplements, as well as the potential uses for this technology. If you are interested in looking at the different testing available at The DNA Company, check out their site at Dr. Siu also has a private practice where applies she helps patients detoxify from their environment and restore health. Check her site out at #dna #health
Sep 23, 2020 1 hr 38 min

EA Ep. 33 - High-dose psilocybin and why you want to take a trip to hell with Kyle Kingsbury

Kyle Kingsbury is a former mixed martial artist, host of The Onnit Podcast, and avid psychonaut. In this conversation, he goes deep into his experience trying out higher doses of psilocybin mushrooms. From the importance of setting an intention, developing a plant medicine practice that works for you, to encountering entities during a high-dose ceremony, and learning from them, the conversation touches on a wealth of information for psychonauts considering taking a higher dose. Kyle tells his personal experience and references a lot of authors and researches to supplement his understanding of plant medicine. Drawing from his memories, he tells the story of going through a personal hell and the different loops of suffering that the medicine made him go through, ultimately to develop a higher inner understanding and healing. Make sure to check out Kyle's Podcast at The Onnit, where he interviews brilliant people and explores his topics of interest at Visit for a free 7-day breathwork course to start your journey to conscious breathing and improving your overall health #psychedelics #badtrips
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