The Elemental Awakening

The Elemental Awakening

Giovanni Bartolomeo
Sep 30, 2020 44 min

EA Ep.34 - Finding your body's blind spots with Dr. Winnie Siu

Dr. Siu is a neuropathic doctor who educates the public about the toxic substances in our environment, she is also a collaborator with the DNA Company which uses the power of functional genomics and DNA testing to reveal how each individuals body interacts with their environment to design a specific health plan to prevent disease and increase performance. In this chat, we explore the possibilities of DNA testing, the benefits compared to regular blood tests, the ways in which having information about your body can be used to optimize your diet or supplements, as well as the potential uses for this technology. If you are interested in looking at the different testing available at The DNA Company, check out their site at Dr. Siu also has a private practice where applies she helps patients detoxify from their environment and restore health. Check her site out at #dna #health
Sep 23, 2020 1 hr 38 min

EA Ep. 33 - High-dose psilocybin and why you want to take a trip to hell with Kyle Kingsbury

Kyle Kingsbury is a former mixed martial artist, host of The Onnit Podcast, and avid psychonaut. In this conversation, he goes deep into his experience trying out higher doses of psilocybin mushrooms. From the importance of setting an intention, developing a plant medicine practice that works for you, to encountering entities during a high-dose ceremony, and learning from them, the conversation touches on a wealth of information for psychonauts considering taking a higher dose. Kyle tells his personal experience and references a lot of authors and researches to supplement his understanding of plant medicine. Drawing from his memories, he tells the story of going through a personal hell and the different loops of suffering that the medicine made him go through, ultimately to develop a higher inner understanding and healing. Make sure to check out Kyle's Podcast at The Onnit, where he interviews brilliant people and explores his topics of interest at Visit for a free 7-day breathwork course to start your journey to conscious breathing and improving your overall health #psychedelics #badtrips
Sep 16, 2020 58 min

EA Ep.32 - How mastering breathing can transform your health with Patrick McKeown

Author Patrick McKeown is an expert on the art of breathing and has extensively researched the health impact of various breathwork techniques. In this interview, he talks about his personal journey dealing with asthma, sleep apnea, and fatigue, and how he transformed his health by becoming aware of his breath and incorporating simple, but powerful techniques such as nose breathing, increasing co2 tolerance, and monitoring factors like the heart rate variability. In this chat, McKeown goes deep into the science of breathing and what happens in the body when we take that breath of air, from the biomechanics of breathing to the actual molecules and how they interact with our body.
Sep 09, 2020 1 hr 2 min

EA Ep. 31 - Is Earthing the most important health discovery?

Have you ever wondered what TV antennae have in common with the human body? While it may surprise you, they both need to be grounded to the earth in order to function properly. Clint Ober is an innovator and researcher who stumbled upon this knowledge installing TV antennae. He has applied his knowledge of electricity to the science of grounding the human body to the Earth, with incredible health results that have been corroborated in countless peer-reviewed studies. In this interview, he tells the story of how seemingly unrelated events took him on a path to discover the power of grounding the body to the Earth, and its effects on inflammation and a myriad of auto-immune illnesses that commonly afflict the modern-day human. Can a simple act like taking off your shoes and connecting to the Earth twice for about 30 minutes a day have an almost miraculous easing of chronic symptoms? The research says it can, leading Ober and other researchers to tout grounding as "the most important health discovery". Watch the full video to learn how exactly it happens.
Sep 02, 2020 42 min

EA Ep. 30 - The art of asking for help and being vulnerable

Mindset coach Richard Filc tells us the story of his life journey as he started to abuse substances at a young age and struggling with addiction. By overcoming ideas of masculinity and what it means to be self-sufficient, Filc was able to reach out for help and begin his healing journey. Part of that success was me's work, to share and be vulnerable around other men, to learn support, and growth together. Filc now facilitates men groups and is always passionate about different healing modalities and helping other men reach their full potential and enhance their human experience. The book Richard recommends during the interview is Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch. If you are curious about joining a men's group, reach out to Richard at @richreflect on Instagram, or join our newsletter at where we share activities and future men group's gatherings. For free breathwork courses, check out #men #healing
Aug 26, 2020 1 hr 9 min

EA Ep. 29 - The jungle within, take a journey deep into yourself.

Geoff Larden is the co-founder of BoldxCentred, a Toronto-based grassroots community organization that facilitates a variety of community initiatives. A restless adventurer, Geoff has shed many lives on a journey within to get to know himself and his purpose. His travels have taken him to the jungles of Peru where he learned a lot about himself and explored other realms going ever deeper into the practice of plant medicine, guided by respected shamans. In this intimate conversation, he opens up about struggling with a hyper-masculine attitude that would prevent him from even admitting he had addiction problems. He talks openly about his struggle, his run-ins with the law, and the rocky road out of selling drugs and being addicted, to a complete reinvention and discovery of the self through techniques such as vipassana meditation and plant medicine ceremonies. To catch up with Geoff, reach out through Facebook as Geoff Larden, or on Instagram @geof_larden
Aug 19, 2020 1 hr 23 min

EA Ep. 28 - Get out of your thinking brain with these public speaking hacks

Contrary to popular advice: "think before you speak", speaking coaches Tristan de Montebello and Michael Gendler from have found out that instead of trying to control everything about the delivery of a speech beforehand, it's better to work on your mindset to be able to show up confidently, authentically and spontaneously. In this chat, Tristan talks about his experience building up the confidence to participate in the world championship of public speaking, which would set him and Michael on a path to discover a number of tricks and tools to help people deliver their message in the most impactful way. Checkout Michael & Tristan website at to learn more about their coaching, or purchase their card game designed to train your brain to be more spontaneous. Don't forget to check out for life-changing breathwork courses, which can also help you with achieving a state of flow more easily. #speaking #hacks
Aug 12, 2020 49 min

EA Ep.27 - Dipping our toes into the ocean of oneness with psychedelic (5MEO DMT)

B-star is a digital artist, psychonaut, psychedelic educator, and facilitator who has bear witness to countless psychedelic journeys of healing and connection with oneness. In this chat, she tells the stories of life-defining psychedelic journeys that shaped her understanding of herself and the universe. Having experienced psychoactive substances as an escape with toxic results and later on, as a tool for healing, she shares her knowledge of how we can prepare for and extract as much wisdom from our psychedelic experiences. From mother Ayahuasca, salvia, and magic mushrooms to DMT and 5-MeO, each substance has a unique way of interacting with the mind which can create awe-inspiring experiences and breakthroughs in those who, as B-star puts it, decide to dip their toes in the ocean of oneness.
Aug 05, 2020 56 min

EA Ep. 26 - Acing the game of life with Michael Sanders

What's the fabric of our reality? How far can we recreate life with our gaming technology? are we inside a game right now?... These are some of the questions that gaming and blockchain entrepreneur Michael Sanders explores in this week's Elemental Awakening podcast. After casually slipping into the sauna, he tells the story of switching careers, slowing down to get more done, and founding Horizon Games, where he aims to create a new dimension of games that belongs to the players and its creators using blockchain technology. He also touches on his experience with Ayahuasca, a difficult mushroom trip featuring Jim Carrey, sharing one consciousness with his girlfriend, and his views on the new Taylor Swift documentary. You couldn't really ask for more, so watch till the end.
Jul 29, 2020 36 min

EA Ep. 25 - Think like this and you'll figure it out W/Kash Khan

Kash Khan, the man behind the popular informative site "Educate, Inspire, Change" needed to learn web design, marketing, writing, finding sponsorships, etc as he worked on his project for years, all the while feeling the pressure to make something out of it. In this episode of the Elemental Awakening, he gives us an insight into what it was like during those uncertain times of his life and shares some key elements of his way of thinking that allowed him to pursue and stick with his dream in spite of the odds. He also touches on what he thinks is the ideal mindset for entrepreneurs, as well as his future plans sharing his knowledge and experience with mother Ayahuasca in his upcoming documentary series 'Pantera'.
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