The Elemental Awakening

The Elemental Awakening

Giovanni Bartolomeo
Jul 08, 2020 1 hr 15 min

EA Ep. 22 - Profound insights about magic mushrooms by a seasoned psychonaut

Author and host of the "Adventures Through The Mind" Podcast James W Jasso shares with us some insights gained through his experimentation with psilocybin mushrooms throughout the years. From the foundational shift of an escapist approach to a more healing one, to how to integrate experiences so intense that cannot be put into words. The value of having a sitter vs doing it alone, as well as some views on how the psychedelics could help shape our future ideals for our civilization. Check out James' podcast "Adventures Through The Mind" at
Jul 01, 2020 1 hr 9 min

EA Ep. 21 - This is how reality really works...

Musician, host of the "Synchronicity" podcast and an expert at manifesting Noah Lampert tells us a little bit about his journey and how one of his most powerful realizations was that we are all the creators of our own reality through the power of our mind and internal state. His light-hearted take on manifesting ranges from unpacking metaphors from the Bible, to really specific visualization exercises, which he shares with us in this podcast. Check out Noah's podcast "Synchronicity" at To learn about life-changing breathwork exercises that will put you in a state of mind for manifesting, check out
Jun 24, 2020 47 min

EA Ep. 20 - Authenticity and serving others can get you out of rock bottom

After failing to recognize her own reflection in a window when she was 36 years old, Natalie Jill knew that there there was more in store for her than being overweight, divorced, in debt, and depressed. She is now a best-selling author, fitness model, and a successful entrepreneur. All thanks to the power of authenticity and sharing her journey with other people while helping them achieve their goals. In this week's podcast, Natalie Jill tells her story of coming out of her rock-bottom and the long battle against her ego to completely transform her life. Using tools such as vision boards, accountability, plant medicine, and her superpower: authenticity, Natalie today is dedicated to serving others with all the lessons she has learned. Find out what Natalie is up to at her website
Jun 17, 2020 1 hr 24 min

EA Ep. 19 - Conspiracy Theories and the Esoteric Agenda

Filmmaker Ben Stewart talks about his latest film The Esoteric Agenda 2, and his take on current conspiracy theories in the wake of the global pandemic and the challenges we are facing collectively as humans. While recognizing that groups of interest have indeed caused and continue to create all kinds of unfairness and chaos, Stewart chooses to focus on what he calls 'the Esoteric Agenda', the phenomenon of a massive awakening, where we are being confronted with conflicting information, tribalism, outdated established narratives and the urgent need to exercise our critical thinking, go within ourselves by using practices such as meditation to connect directly to the source and elevate the value of love to breach ideological divides to connect and evolve as one humanity.
Jun 10, 2020 58 min

EA Ep. 18 - The healing power of breath

Wim Hof method instructor and breathwork practitioner Steve Beattie tells us the story of his breakthrough during an ice bath where decades of bottled up emotions were instantly released. That was a defining moment in his life that would push him to go deeper within himself with breathwork exercises that allowed him to explore and process his stored emotions and help clients achieve the same healing results. A firm believer in science and empiric knowledge, he left his job as a bored Geologist working in front of a computer, to embark on adventurous bike rides and a journey of self-discovery through body awareness and conscious breathing. He now calls himself a spiritual atheist.
Jun 03, 2020 51 min

EA Ep. 17 - A practical way to following your dreams

A practical way to following your dreams: research and trial & error with Mike Sygula - Podcast founder and self-development entrepreneur Mike Sygula talks about his desire to create an outlet that would offer an alternative point of view to the mainstream narrative, and a space to share positive and empowering news. During our chat, we discussed a little bit about his journey creating truth theory, as well as a range of practical tools to following your dreams, such as trying and failing and doing your research. We also brushed on really interesting subjects such as out-of-body experiences, psychedelics, meditation, and cryptocurrencies.
May 27, 2020 1 hr 8 min

EA Ep. 16 - Healing the world and guiding people to find their purpose

Healing the world and guiding people to find their purpose - Podcast with Salvatore Gencarelle Sal Gencarelle calls himself a visionary healer. Using millenary techniques from Native American traditions, his mission is to heal the world, one person at a time, and guiding them to find their purpose in life. In partnership with wise teachers, he conducts ceremonies with miraculous results, as well as 'vision quests', where participants are confronted with themselves and nature in challenging but rewarding experiences in the wild. In this chat, we talked about his grueling path to gain the knowledge from his spiritual teacher, the benefits of the connection to the Earth and the importance of properly integrating the teachings after a profound spiritual experience. For other healing exercises check out our breathwork exercises at
May 20, 2020 1 hr 4 min

EA Ep. 15 The modern-day Samurai's arsenal to tuning into higher frequencies

Lee Davy is a wellness specialist, self-proclaimed modern-day Samurai who practices deep mediation techniques, cold exposure, and psychedelic ceremonies as tools to tune into the higher frequencies of other realms. In this chat, he talks about his journey and his morning routine, which begins with at least three hours of meditation. He also shares with us some of the most profound experiences going ever deeper into meditation which can be as profound as some powerful psychedelics.
May 13, 2020 50 min

EA Ep. 14 - 'unhappy standard person' to 'meditative psychedelic warrior' with Robert Bent

A few months ago, I sat down with entrepreneur Robert Bent to talk about his journey from an 'unhappy standard person' to 'meditative psychedelic warrior' as he jokingly refers to the side of the spectrum where people are able to stay in the present moment. While his path seemed to be all laid out through business schools and the world of investment banking, Bent set out on a journey, where he "failed" in numerous ventures and went on epic adventures with the specific purpose to face his fears. Having found himself very talented at making friends and building communities, combined with his interest in wellness, he now uses tools such as hot/cold exposure, meditation, and social connection to facilitate transformative experiences. Check out his wellness facility at For more transformative activities such as breathwork exercises, you can do at home during these times, visit
May 06, 2020 51 min

EA Ep.13 - Tools from Functional Medicine with Sachin Patel

Functional Medicine practitioner Sachin Patel shares with us some of the elemental tools to heal yourself that are available to everyone: fasting, sleeping, and silence (meditation). In this podcast, we talk about how Functional Medicine can work alongside traditional medicine to address chronic disorders that are the product of our modern lifestyle. From the food we eat, the quality of our sleep, to the kind of thoughts we have inside our mind, our health care system would be completely transformed if we took our own health into our hands by getting educated and we didn't wait to become sick in the first place. Sachin Patel also encourages medical practitioners to lead by example and become a role model, rather than simply passing on information.