Imagine Otherwise by Ideas on Fire

Imagine Otherwise by Ideas on Fire

Cathy Hannabach
Nov 25, 2020 22 min

Bakirathi Mani on Curating with Confidence

How are confidence and collaboration at play in South Asian postcolonial art and curation? Host Cathy Hannabach interviews scholar and curator Bakirathi Mani about her journey into art curation, how postcolonial artists and viewers navigate the colonial history of photography in art exhibitions, and why collectively building a world of representations that are no longer haunted by empire is how Bakirathi imagines otherwise. Transcript and show notes:
Nov 11, 2020 23 min

Jillian Hernandez on the Politics of Confidence and Creativity

How do race, class, and gender shape confidence and who can embody it? Host Cathy Hannabach interviews curator and professor Jillian Hernandez about the politics of confidence, how women and girls of color are challenging artistic social hierarchies, collective creative support during COVID-19, and why building a world where girls, women, femmes, and mothers of color can rest and resist is how Jillian imagines otherwise. Transcript and show notes:
Oct 28, 2020 39 min

Aimi Hamraie on Sustainability and Disability Justice

How does disability justice help us build more sustainable social relations, both during and beyond the current pandemic? In episode 121 of Imagine Otherwise, host Cathy Hannabach interviews permaculture designer and disability scholar Aimi Hamraie about how disability culture practices like slowness and mutual aid reimagine sustainability and why building a world beyond scarcity is how Aimi imagines otherwise. Transcript & show notes:
Oct 14, 2020 20 min

Anusha Kedhar on the Limits of Flexibility

Flexibility seems almost required in today’s economy and social worlds, but what is its cost? Host Cathy Hannabach interviews dancer and scholar Anusha Kedhar about the limits of flexible labor regimes in the dance world and higher education, sustainability lessons from dance that can help improve academic life, and why building a world around the needs and desires of marginalized groups is how Anusha imagines otherwise. Transcript and show notes:
Sep 30, 2020 31 min

Sasha Engelmann on Art and Activism in the Air

What do politics, community, and artistic resistance look like beyond the terrestrial? Host Cathy Hannabach interviews feminist geographical researcher and practitioner Sasha Engelmann about the transnational politics of atmosphere and breathing in an era of climate devastation, how to creatively adapt interdisciplinary research during a pandemic, and why collaboratively building an atmospheric commons is how Sasha imagines otherwise. Transcript and show notes:
Sep 16, 2020 23 min

Christopher Persaud on Creating Balance to Avoid Burnout

Building rest and recovery into our schedules is more important than ever and requires managing projects with balance in mind. Host Cathy Hannabach interviews digital media scholar and creator Christopher Persaud about juggling diverse projects without getting overwhelmed, COVID-19 lessons to carry into the post-pandemic future, and why building a world where we are free to ask more questions is how Chris imagines otherwise. Transcript and show notes:
Sep 02, 2020 33 min

Koritha Mitchell on Homemade Citizenship

How might the history of Black women’s homemaking and citizenship practices help us navigate our current political and cultural moment? Host Cathy Hannabach interviews cultural critic and professor Koritha Mitchell about the history of Black women’s citizenship and achievement, how this history shapes academic life, what running and writing teach us about success, and why centering self-love is how Koritha imagines otherwise. Transcript and show notes:
Aug 19, 2020 33 min

Kishonna Gray on Teaching and Parenting in a Pandemic

How can academic parents juggle educating both their students and their children in the era of COVID-19? Host Cathy Hannabach and digital media professor Kishonna Gray discuss building feminist learning experiences that privilege experimentation, how academic parents and non-parents can structure working from home around their unique needs, and why approaching work and life from an ethics of care is how Kishonna imagines otherwise. Transcript and show notes:
Aug 05, 2020 50 min

Adrienne Shaw on Accessible Online Teaching by Design

How can we build accessible online courses in the middle of a pandemic? Host Cathy Hannabach interviews media studies professor Adrienne Shaw about building assignments that enable students to participate in diverse ways; why online teaching is often more accessible for faculty with chronic pain and other disabilities; and why creating accessible education systems by design rather than exception is how Adrienne imagines otherwise. Transcript and show notes:
Jun 24, 2020 32 min

Dorinne Kondo on Reparative Creativity

How can theater help us remake the world? In episode 114 of Imagine Otherwise, host Cathy Hannabach interviews Dorinne Kondo about how Asian American theater companies are reshaping liveness in the context of COVID-19, the role of performance in protests against the state-sponsored killing of Black people, and why theorizing a new relationship to vulnerability is how Dorinne imagines otherwise. Transcript and show notes:
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