Fractal Friends

Fractal Friends

Duncan Autrey
Mar 25, 2020 47 min

"Decriminalizing Nature " with Carlos Plazola (DNO) and Larry Norris (ERIE)

DNO is a grassroots organization in Oakland, California with the mission to improve human health and well-being by decriminalizing and expanding access to entheogenic plants and fungi through political and community organizing, education and advocacy. In 2019 they successfully led a campaign to get psychoactive plants and fungi decriminalized in Oakland. They have since become a model for cities around the united states and the world. This episode opens up a conversation about the movement to lift up our interconnected relationship with nature and the work to harness the healing power of nature. We talk about the drug war being a war on people's cognitive liberty and Freedom of consciousness. We get into the nuances of what it means to decriminalize something as opposed to legalizing it. This leads us to interesting lessons in the power of grassroots social transformation. We talk about the concept “Entheogen,” which means the divine within as a term for medicinal plants. And we get into the burgeoning research into the powerful healing power of entheogens. And we talk about love, and community. More Info at: Music: "Giving Up On Us" by Mazin Jamal
Feb 27, 2020 51 min

"Healthy Food Systems" with Nikki Silvestri (Re-Release)

Nikki Silvestri is a lifelong advocate for food and climate justice. She is a true thought leader pushing forward our understandings of self and the systems we are a part of. Her passion for a better world and better leadership is clear and inspiring. I also play the ukulele in this episode.
Feb 20, 2020 --

“Friendships for a Peaceful Future” with Jane and Monica Kinyua

I met Jane Kinua at the Mediators Beyond Borders International Peace Congress, and was able to connect with the Kinyua sisters about overcoming the history of conflict that shadow Kenya. Jane serves as the Program Manager and Monica serves as the Program Manager for Children Peace Initiative Kenya (CPI). Through their work with CPI, they are able to guide the next generation to bridge communities of Kenya that have been in conflict for many years. We delve into the importance of children as bridge builders across ethnic differences, and historical unrest. We put this in context by talking about the history of Kenya and how conflicts from the past continue to affect people today. In this episode we get inspired by the possibility for the work they are doing in Kenya to be applied to divided communities in the United States and the rest of the world. Mediators Beyond Borders: Children Peace Initiative Kenya: Peace Camp Video: Documentary: Facebook: Instagram: @ChildrenPeaceInitiativeKenya Donate a Heifer: CPI GoFundMe: We talk a lot about the history of Kenya and the current ethnic diversity of the country. Here are some good resources to learn about the tribes of Kenya The history of the country Here is a map of the ethnic distribution of the country. More Info at: "Children for a Peaceful Future" with Jane and Monica Kinyua
Feb 11, 2020 59 min

"Letting Life Show Up" with Barbara Bash (Re-Release)

The conversation takes us on a deep exploration of both art and spiritual practice and the intersection points between the two. One of the recurring themes here is about finding the courage to slow down and let life show up and the various things that we discover when we do that. When we listen and open our eyes to the world, the world comes alive around us. As it comes alive we find that the world is reflecting ourselves back at us, and as we engage we also find ourselves mirroring the world around us. The internal and the external meet at some place and collapse into one.
Jan 10, 2020 53 min

“Grassroots Women Leaders Building Webs” with Joan Goldsmith

Joan Goldsmith is an author, educator, facilitator, coach, mediator and organizational consultant who as worked in the private and public sectors. She specializes in leadership development, organizational change, team building, strategic planning, collaborative negotiation and conflict resolution. Joan has written and co-written numerous books about organizational management and how to resolve conflicts in the workplace. She's the recent author of the upcoming book, Women Leaders at the Grassroots: 9 stories and 9 strategies. In this conversation we talk about the special role that women play in creating social change as weavers of webs of association and by being models of balanced living. We talk about the importance of inclusion. We talk about listening to the voices of the voiceless, and making the extra effort to lift up those around us that the current systems doesn't hear. We ponder the difference between managers and leaders, between the quality of leadership and the role of being a leader. While managers focus on “doing things right” by following the rules, true leaders focus on “doing the right thing” by asking: Am I following my values? Am I speaking up for the right group of people? More Info at: Music: “To Love” by KR3TURE ft. Cello Joe
Dec 26, 2019 1 hr 44 min

“Realizing Our Oneness” with Justin Hartery

Justin Hartery ( is a Psychotherapist, Performance Coach and Therapist who is committed to serving the wholeness of others. Justin helps people establish new perspectives and patterns of behavior by tuning into our bodies, communities and our greater self. All of this is in service of consciously mobilizing collective and individual action towards a livable world and sustainable future. As part of the The I Am Project ( Justin created a process that he calls Fieldwork to help participants directly experience oneness: the relationship of “I”, “other”, and “we” and developing awareness of the ways that we can perceive the world from and as these various lenses. In this conversation we talk about how to move beyond limiting beliefs, how to find the courage and inspiration to live in the unknown and times that we just don't know what will happen. We talk about how we can expand our emotional and psychological capacity to process life's difficulties by recognizing that we are part of a collective. And we go deep into the understanding that we are all part of one great evolutionary process. We are the universe itself. More info at: Music: "Watching You Breathe" by Jacoo
Nov 07, 2019 1 hr 32 min

“Living in Flow” with Sky Nelson-Isaacs

Sky Isaacs-Nelson ( is a musician, author and physics educator who is building a foundation for a scientific understanding of synchronicity in our modern world. He recently wrote a book called Living in Flow: The Science of Synchronicity and How Your Choices Shape Your World ( In this conversation, Sky and I talk about the distinction between making the world the way we want by force of intention, vs. making a clear intention and then letting the universe take care of the work. We discuss how the experiences in our life are a reflection of our choices. We explore the question about whether the universe is inherently friendly or unfriendly, whether it is uncaring or if it is responsive to our intentions. And given the nature of the content, we talk about the tricky dance between scientifically explaining the trippy world of quantum physics and making it personally relevant without slipping into new-age "woo" language. This conversation gets pretty nerdy and far out, and we talk about some mind-bending stuff. That said this episode is full of useful and interesting information, that you're sure to get a lot out of. Living in Flow Online Courses: Go to for more resources.
Oct 25, 2019 1 hr 41 min

“Increasing Our Transformative Potential” with Gregory Kennedy

Gregory Kennedy is the Director of Operations at W(e)IRD World (Wild Idea Research & Development at They support global charitable initiatives focused on some of society’s most urgent challenges such as food insecurity, sustainable development, and climate change. Gregory and WIRD work with people who want to do good for themselves, for their communities and around the world. For the past 15 years he has been developing and producing media, technology and education projects utilizing mindfulness-based solutions to social and environmental issues. Gregory sees his role as a Mentor and mentee who finds ways to include all the people together to serve their best roles in what he calls a Mosaic of people. He believes that Kindness is a superior business model that, within set parameters, can scale better than competitiveness, frustration, pettiness, regret, revenge, merit (whatever that means) or apathy. In this conversation we talk about being a model of the world we want to live in. We unpack race relations and overcoming prejudice by being exposed to one another. We discuss blockchain as a way of creating trust when there isn't trust. We reflect on how the philosophy and proliferation of nonviolence has changed the world. We also bond about the perspective that's gained by living abroad and seeing how other people live, and then being able to look back at the United States and current political trends from an outside perspective. And get really deep into sports as an analogy for politics. The take home is: Don’t get overconfident, don’t think that any win is an absolute win, and always try to play a better game.
Sep 25, 2019 1 hr 28 min

“Revealing our Hidden Humanity” with Ashanti Branch

Ashanti Branch is the Founder and Executive Director of The Ever Forward Club - Siempre Adelante and creator of the Taking Off The Mask workshop. The Ever Forward Club is a mentoring program for young men in grades 6-12. As an organization Ever Forward Serves all genders through their Taking Off The Mask Workshops and the #100kMasks Challenge. The Ever Forward Club has helped 100% of its members graduate high school and 93% of them have gone on to attend college, military or trade school. In this conversation, we talk about the importance of working with young men to help them navigate the complex and confusing messages from adults in their life telling them to be a "good man" at times and "to be a real man" at others. We discuss the challenges that young people face when they face the pressure needing to be “cool.” And we reflect on how as adults we also have a similar version of this concept that prevents us from showing up with our authentic self in relationships, in the workplace, and in life. Ashanti is famous for creating a workshop called “The Taking Off the Mask.” It asks participants to create a mask and write down on the front what they show the world, and, on the back, what they hide from the world. The workshop has helped ten of thousands of youth and adults to engage in honest conversations and vulnerable experiences that give them a deeper understanding of themselves and just how much we have in common. The Ever Forward Club has launched a campaign called 100 Thousand Masks (#100kMasks) which makes the workshop available for educators and facilitators to use all over the world. You can get your masks and find out more information at
Sep 13, 2019 1 hr 22 min

"The Emergence of Wise Democracy" with Tom Atlee

In this episode, I talk with Tom Atlee. Tom is a founder of The Co-Intelligence Institute. Co-Intelligence Institute (CII) is a non-profit promoting awareness of co-intelligence and of the many existing tools and ideas that can be used to increase it. The goal of the CII is the conscious evolution of culture in harmony with nature and with the highest human potentials. Tom has recently released a pattern language deck for Wise Democracy. The deck is a collection of 96 wise democracy “patterns.” These patterns are based on dynamic factors and design principles which can make an activity, organization or community more wisely self-governing. In this conversation we talk about: #1. The Nature of democracy, the importance of participation, and wise decision making #2: We unpack one of my favorite quotes, "If you're not part of the problem you can't be part of the solution." And fortunately/unfortunately we're all part of the system and we all care, and that means we all get to improve it together. We talk about How Getting people to talk to each other in any system can be an emergent form or governance #3: we talk about various tools to have meaningful and productive dialogue and deliberation. In this time when politics feel frustrating and our differences feel almost totally irreconcilable, This conversation offers an exciting vision of how we can do democracy far better. This isn't something that just can hope for, The tools and wisdom are already available to participate more consciously and wisely, and it's up to us, all of us, each of us to make it happen. Because we are already are the ones making it happen.
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