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Marketing Without the Marketing
Marketing Without the Marketing
Michael Boezi

Marketing does not have to be pushy, aggressive, and sales-y. Respectful, ethical marketing strategies are more in line with the expectations of... more

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The Digital Representation of You (Episode 200)

I describe my work as creating "The Digital Representation of You." In 200 episodes of this podcast, in my client... more

26 Jul 2021 · 9 minutes
Three Marketing Quiz Types and Their Applications (Episode 199)

There are 3 different types of quizzes that you can use in marketing. Let's look at the practical uses of... more

12 Jul 2021 · 7 minutes
No One Cares About Us (Episode 198)

Social media is a lie. It promises a podium. But instead, it hires you to be unpaid labor. Can you... more

21 Jun 2021 · 7 minutes
Designing the Perfect Quiz for Lead Generation (Episode 197)

Like anything in content marketing, a marketing quiz has to be well-designed, well-constructed, and well-presented in order to be effective.... more

07 Jun 2021 · 7 minutes
LinkedIn Is a Tough Scroll (Episode 196)

Scroll through LinkedIn, and it's cringe after cringe. A never-ending stack of performative, self-aggrandizing humble brags. It's done in earnest,... more

24 May 2021 · 6 minutes
How to Ruin a Good Customer Relationship (Episode 195)

It takes years to build a trusted relationship with a customer. It takes one bad decision to lose it all... more

10 May 2021 · 5 minutes
Four Principles of an Effective Marketing Quiz (Episode 194)

A successful marketing quiz serves the user first and foremost. How do we design a quiz to solve a customer... more

26 Apr 2021 · 5 minutes
Why Quizzes Are Good for Content Marketing (Episode 193)

People like to talk about themselves. Let them. If you can open the conversation, you can start building the trust... more

12 Apr 2021 · 8 minutes
The Ambient Awareness Test (Episode 192)

There's one question you can ask to find out if your messaging is getting through. I call this The Ambient... more

29 Mar 2021 · 6 minutes
Stop Mimicking What Marketers Do (Episode 191)

How will we get our good ideas across if we are turning people off in the way we present ourselves... more

15 Mar 2021 · 5 minutes
Marketing Without the Marketing
The Digital Representation of You (Episode 200)
Marketing Without the Marketing